Propaganda poster edit

Here’s some U.S.A. propaganda. Edited using PS and New Hive


The famous “I need smokes more than anything else” first world war recruitment poster, inspired by Admiral Pershing and his tobacco starved American Expeditionary Force, highlights another pivotal moment in tobacco’s growing social acceptability. (From

Remember that 80s Vaporwave thing….?

Welp, here it is. Although I wasn’t born in the 80s, it looked like an excellent time to be alive…huh?

Anyways, I’m saying that the 80s looked like a great time to have during your youth. It was a time when dancing and hip-hop were revolutionary, but it was also the revolution of Video games, hence the characters and NES, and introduction to great films, like Terminator and RoboCop.

I knew. Saturday, November 11, 2017 10:03 AM


I knew I was going to lose.

Never really believed in myself much.

Just in our connection.

Now I have lost.

No regrets.

Never wish to rewrite.

Hope you marry him.

Hope he develops fun.

Makes things exciting when they aren’t.

It’s the only way to deal with the emptiness in this world.

I love you. Love of my life.


To go from not being excited to see anyone.

To go from day to day.

To now moment by moment.

In the gap just replaying memories.

Only fear is you forgetting them.

Ill retell them a good joke.

Naked memories.

Of bliss.

The change you bring.

The power you have over me without any agreements.


Been in this area for 8 years.

And only now it is a home with memories.

Been breathing. But with you.

I’m alive.

Take a nap.

I wont forget it.

Sorry gold.

My big fear is forgetting memories to.

When I die that’s all you got.

When you die its all I got.

When we are lost. It’s the road back. \


Only thing I want to do is have you.

All of you there in the moment.

The whole painting.

It will exist when I’m not there.

And I want it to keep painting itself.

So I can come back and look at it again.

Recall what I love and learn to love the new.


Never been sad and happy so many times in one time period.

It is my fault. I try to fill in too many blanks.

Well that’s education fucking me up.

Never teaching us to relax.

Appreciate everything.

Want only what you need.


Well you may never rad this.

Because by now its probably already too late.

Don’t settle. Subdue yourself. Let another stop you.

All the people I have met none have been like you.

Not even close.

Who knew basic was rare. 😛

Still making light of everything.

Guess you find the light in everything when you’re constantly in the dark.