Panoramic Storytelling

This feature has been available since the iPhone 5 yet so very little amount of people knows about it. The Panorama option, that lets you take horizontally or vertically elongated field of view photos, basically wide-view photos. the first time I remember taking a panoramic photo, it was at my sister’s birthday and we were trying to take every’s photo in one shot. So it, not my first time taking a panoramic kind of photo.

For the class, we had to show a story in a picture without using any words and as you can see we have a boy and a girl meet for the first time, then them in their dating phase and at the end of them being separated.

Since I knew how to create panoramic photos I took a photo of a friend doing his regular exercise back in  2019.


Story of My Reactions Via GIFs

Me: I need to get into this CT 101 Class 
CUNYFirst:  CT 101, Professor Ryan Seslow, the class is full.

Me:”Frustrated Ryan Gosling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Me: “Trying harder to get into this class”Not Funny Michael Scott GIF - NotFunny MichaelScott SteveCarell ...And here I am!!!

I was so glad that I was able to get into this class, that I forgot to look for the classroom a day before that I don’t get lost on MY FIRST DAY OF CLASS!

I was like I’m so stupid… smh

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but hey, Prof. Ryan’s voice calmed me done. before he dropped the bomb of him being deaf took the ground below my feet. As I was listening to him speaking, I was thinking, he has such a nice voice, so soothing and calming, he could be an amazing TV news reporter, where even he says something scary I would feel like there is nothing to worry about.Normal Spongebob GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants - Find & Share on GIPHY He thinks that his lectures bore us to sleep but nooooo…. it’s his voice that makes us sleepy, TBH I never heard such a soft voice.Tired Sleep GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

and if I could hear his voice instead of taking Zzzquil I would put his voice in bottle take it when needed.

The saddest part was when he said he didn’t know how he sounded like.Sad GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


This class makes me feel like I can do anything creative.

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I wasn’t limited to what kind of work I did.





Tbh college has not treated me well so far and I really hope that this class helps me change my view of my college experience.

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Final Blog Post! / Rebecca Carroscio

When trying to figure out what classes to take for this semester, CT 101 was one that was recomended by a friend.  When I asked what we would be doing they said, “You pretty much make a website”.  It would be pretty accurate to say that I was slightly suspicious.

But from the first day of class, I knew that it was going to be more than that.  I learned that we would be learning ways to express our creativity.   When the question, “Are Memes Art?” came up, it really got me thinking and honestly, I was not sure.

It’s something I never really thought about.  At the time, I also didn’t even realize just how often I was seeing memes in my life, which I now realize is quite often.  It wasn’t until I was making my own meme and seeing memes from everyone else where I realized, “Yeah, memes are art”.  At least in my opinion.  Something I also did not realize was how proud I would be in making my first meme lol.

I feel that being art does not just apply to memes.  From memes to gifs and to making our own website, each one is a way of self expression, which I believe in turn makes them art.

Something that I am happy to have also learned was how to make hyperlinks.  I am not sure why, but I have been finding it so satifying making a title for links.  Besides that, I definitely know that I will probably start using Giphys way more often now than I did before along with memes.  Also, since I learned how, I can make my own memes when I can’t find an existing one that fits with what I am feeling.

Now, onto the topic of my website, which can be found here:

I plan to use my website as a cosmetology portfilio for when I start looking for a place to work within the cosmetology industry.  My website is not complete yet but so far the description of what will be to come is in the Home section and alittle bit of information about myself is in the the About section.  To start off, I decided to post a picture of a hairstyle I did back in high school in my Blog section.  Besides being a portfolio, I figured that my website can also be a place where anyone who enjoys looking at hairstyles can go to look or maybe even be a place for people to ask for advice on any hair-related concern.

I must say that I quite enjoyed making my website and I hope to develope it further by posting new hairstyles or haircuts that I have done.  I also want to see if it will be possible to allow people visiting the website to leave comments or questions.

Now … here is the part where I say the grade that I think that I have earned.  I am actually a bit nervous about this part lol but I would say a B.

The reason being is that I missed a few of the assignments unfortunately.

Anyway, I truely did enjoy this class and I would like to thank Professor Seslow for being the one teaching it.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time and I wish everyone a happy end of the semester!

Final Blog Post

Ct 101 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. Despite waking up early in the morning and traveling almost two hours on the train every Thursday morning, I did enjoy the class. What I enjoyed about this class was learning new skills, for example, how to make gifs, how to photoshop, how to edit a video clip into something and so much more. I was never the type to think I would be interested into something like this, I would normally take the easy way out by finding apps that already have existing gifs or ask someone to edit a picture for me if I have to but now that I’ve learned these skills I can now apply by MYSELF when necessary. I’ll definitely be looking forward to using my skills on things like Facebook or even through texting (I’m big on expressing myself through gifs and memes and now I can make my own).

Okay, so,  as we all know we had to make a huge transformation to online classes because of COVID19, thanks to this class which was already “online” it wasn’t that bad of a transformation. The only thing we did differently was to make a website and a WordPress page. The class was going well, I was always in zoom meetings when I had to. I ended up having my allergies attacking me left, right, and center!

To this day it’s still beating me bad, I’ve been having my allergies for the past 3 weeks and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since then since I’m always congested which bothers with my breathing which leads to me not being able to sleep at night.

It’s so bad that I have to be on medication every day and I have to take it right after my classes because it knocks me out as soon as it’s consumed. So because of this, I wasn’t able to do much school work but I did as much as I could because I didn’t want to fall back in my classes. Being that professor Ryan stated that there’s no due date on the assignments

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but just make sure to have them in before the semester ends, I had the time to focus on my other classes that were more important. With that being said, I’m just having the time to do the assignments. Will I keep my website? That I am still debating on because I do have some cool artwork I could showcase on it but at the same time will I have time for it? I’ve already had some frustrations with this website, from getting it disabled to not being able to edit certain things the way I want to. The grade I was aiming for in this class, which I hope I still get is an A. How can one get anything less than that if you’re doing all your work. I really enjoyed this class, I’ve never experienced having a professor that is deaf,

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I’ve never experienced something like that and even though he is, this class was just the same or even cooler than any other classes with “normal” professors’ class.

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To whoever is reading this check out my art pieces on my website:  

or follow my Instagram ( where I post some of them on my stories. This is where I’ll be posting my art pieces, some of which are down below.

Digital Storytelling Possibilities

Two Types of Transport

These arts inspired me because they have a story in them, they show us the destruction created by the earthquake of 1906 and the present-day San Francisco. Back in 1906 taking a Photograph wasn’t as easy as pulling Your phone out and pressing the shutter button for a colorful picture instead the cameras were bulky and required films to take pictures, which was only limited to black and white along with lacking in contrast and had a lot of noise, it didn’t have any digital image stabilizer so shakiness was a plus. And in order for me to create images like this I would need to learn how to use Adobe’s Photoshop and lightroom. Adobe has created a platform that opens a new world of possibilities with its countless features. As much as I would like to learn to use all of them I want to become a pro at Photoshopping. I want to learn how to layer an image and how to fill the gaps or differences in the photos, how to balance out the lighting, and to blend. 

My Younger sister who goes to high school right now knows how to use photoshop and since she knows how to utilize it. I asked to repair a damaged birthday photo of mine when I was 4. She fixed it right away, but she replaced her face with mine and made a joke out of it. LOL, I was mad at her for pulling the prank at me but I was surprised with the change she was able to bring. 


Forrest Gump Meeting JFK

With the photo of Tom Hanks meeting the president. John F. Kenndy was totally photoshopped for the movie Forrest Gump. At the time Tom Hanks was only a “school-aged child” when Kenndy was president. The technology in 1994 had the ability to put Tom Hanks in the same room as President Kennedy. This talent puts the viewers in the timeline of believing that it actually happened. 

In this digital world and time, everyone knows and says “it’s Photoshopped” because it is, it has the power of making digital images perfect whether it is to show a model’s body or to advertise vegetables. And as a Communication Technology major student it is essential for me to learn how to utilize it to the max for building up my ability to create digital storytelling skills. It has the flexibility of creating anything art and it makes creating art limitless.

NZT, Limitless Pill



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