How Did You Come Up With a Domain Name?


Recently, I began spreading and sharing the word I have my own website and a lot of people having been asking me “How did you come up with that domain name?”  Well, the story is in my African American Literature class last semester my professor told me after class that I have the “eyes of a contributor”.  At the time, I did not even know what it means but as I thought about it it really made sense to me.  I have been studying literature for years (took a total of 20 English courses so far) and next semester I plan to do at least two more.  I also took several courses related to my interest in Digital Humanities (CT 101 is a prime example) and few related English courses.  My time is slowly coming to an end at York but I am forever grateful for my team of Professors at the English department as well as Professor Seslow  for always pushing me to do my best!  I have lot more in store in for my website so stay tuned!

Life is hectic right now!

I know finals are coming soon and if I am being honest, I really have not done anything towards studying or finishing projects.

It’s weird this semester. I have learned more than I have ever learned about different ways to create because of my classes. Overall, I have actually enjoyed 90% of my classes, I just don’t like to study or do homework all the time.

So the real question is, do grades really determine how much you have learned? And I can say the answer is… no they don’t.

My Propaganda Post!

Sadly CT 101 is coming to a end 🙁 but I will never forget this class electronically…Hopefully this propaganda poster i made will make you guys join this class! Trust me you wouldn’t regret it one bit. Prof Ryan will make you feel right at home. Coolest prof you would ever get besides his corny jokes jk 😉 But overall hope you guys like the poster!

CT 101 Propaganda

Here is my submission for the CT101 Propaganda poster! Very much like our vaporwave assignment I used the same resources and tools. First I picked transparent image of an older looking computer which I then edited in Photoshop using the posturize tool to give it a simplified pixilated look, then I used rasterize to break it down to its tonal value and adjusted the color to a red and grey scheme. From there I messed with opacity and different layers until I was satisfied with my outcome! The text, which I thought would be most difficult, ended up being the easiest! I picked a bold, san-serif font and slightly altered the horizontal curvature.

I always found propaganda posters to be interesting, this is my first attempt at creating one myself!