Take-out CAME!?

After waiting for your food for a very long time and the delivery guy comes!!!!!!
Starving so I order take out and it turns out to be a speedy delivery !!!!!!

Have you ordered food and you are at your most hungriest you think you have EVER been and the food comes fast!? It makes me want to jump up on the poor unsuspecting delivery man,and I just want to give him everything I have but pay him in your pure happiness!

This Is How I Feel When When My Cousin Shares A Joke With Me About My Mom

This is how I would feel when someone tells me a funny joke about my mom for instance in a text message or on a social media exchange. In some situations instead of actually sending them back a typed text message you can actually send them an expression like this. Also, this expression is more fun and creative to be sharing with social media long with text exchange.

Reaction GIFs are a fun and unique way of expressing your feelings and how you would respond to a statement or situation. For instance,these days especially with the younger generation, people tend to drift towards reaction GIFs when they are exchanging views and even comments on various forms of social media. Reaction GIFs have definitely been giving a new outlook on social media and even regular messaging and emailing.

I Can Do It

Yes Lord

Even though a mojority of Blogging and Posting seems like a foreign language, I think i’m up for the challenge. My game plan is to really emurse myself into it all. I want to complete a lot of blogging assignments to really get myself used to it. I think it would benefit me and help me reach my goals of attempting to network, build and brand myself and jump start my career. I also want to critique and comment throughout the semester because I feel like that would help me understand and engage with the material more. With all that I will also participate in the weekly assignments and maybe work towards my own personal website.

I am nervous and a little lost, but I have faith in myself.

I used this GIF because I believe in myself, and the fact that I can succeed in ths class. I’m #hopeful


Listen & Learn

My game plan for this course is to listen and learn as much about this course because I know it will be of help to me towards my career. I plan to complete more than enough of the assignments to get me a lot of points to ace this class. I plan to get to here on time, and have a complete attendance. I want to listen and learn more fun and creative ways to use technology specifically computers, cameras etc. Two examples of assignments I’d like to talk about are the reflection 1 and reflection 3. I chose these two assignments because they are technology inclined, they consist of using computers, cameras, and socIal networking. I think these assignment are giving the choice for these kinds of assignments because people have many difference. Dealing with modern day technology some people may not be good with computers, or some people may not be good with camera and the internet so I think it is nice that students have a choice in there assignments. I am going to spend quality time on assignments so I can get a full knowledge of what I’m doing instead of rushing through it. I know I may not get full points for each assignment but I will go to my professor and ask questions and ask for help if I need it. I am fascinated with this class and I hope to excel, I am ready for the challenges.   image