The 1st Day

excitied I am so excited. I want to know how to use the computer not only for basic skills but to create moving images, design graphics, and creating digital stories. I am looking forward to meeting others and gaining social skills. I know a little about video editing and a little about photo editing. I would like to complete majority of the assignments. The fact that we have the freedom to choose what topic we want to work on may allow people to get out of their comfort zone and show their talent. I have no talent, i tried to sing once but I’m horrible at it so I gave that dream up lol.

Game plans are hard

I know this is late but my game plan for this semester is a bit fuzzy still at the moment. When looking through the syllabus I saw a few interesting things that I can do. The two that I have chosen are GIF’s and blogging Game Reviews. I’ve never made any GIF’s and now that I am in a class that allows making GIF’s is a good time. Being able to make a GIF and tutorial seems interesting, especially if others use my steps. I really like playing games and I have played a few. I’ve always thought about blogging about reviewing games. I’ve read enough game reviews from IGN, Game Informer, etc. that I have an idea how it works. I believe we are given choices because we will write about our interests and not just someone else. That can get very boring quick. The pace I will go by is still a bit questionable. For now once a week of posting assignments seem like a very good step to take and not overburden myself. After I get used to the flow and I go for more posts a week.  I have not considered that I may not get a full point. Nothing is ever perfect, I can just try to strive for the highest value.


I found this GIF on another wordpress blog named cookiesandwhiskey. I chose this GIF because this is the first time I’ve been given the decision to choose what kind of assignments to choose. It’s not only awesome but it’s a bit overwhelming.

Social Media Engagement

I personally use Facebook and have 3 accounts and created 1 page. All three of my accounts are private and there is one account that I added no one and my use for it is to upload private images that I want no one to see but images that I want to keep forever instead of using a USB or keeping on my computer because I find using those unreliable because I lose USBs and I’m worried that my computer will crash which it has previously 4 times. I use my main account to interact and stay connected with old friends but it is also private. My third account I used for Facebook games. I also have an Instagram that I only posts pics of myself and no one else because of my over-protective family.  This Instagram account is public. I have read Danah Boyd’s  “controlling your public appearance”, and I understand what she means. I wouldn’t want to be found on google but then again I only post things that aren’t inappropriate that will affect my future job or worry my family. My private Facebook account cannot be found when you search it on google.



I previously had a youtube account that I made AMVs. I created about 50 AMVs but then at one point in my life I just deleted them all and only uploaded 2 videos that I drew because I wanted the youtube account to be more about my drawings even though I only created two and I don’t really mind if they are a hit or not, I just like how it is available for me to link some of my friends in. I also have a Google plus account that I only use to log in onto youtube so there isn’t much use for my Google account. I don’t upload images of me on my Google plus account, instead I use animated images.

My Youtube account:


I am Hype

I am so hyped for this class. I believe you guys let us pick our own assignments so that we could not be hassled by things like worrying about what we are going to do. I do love doing reaction gifs ,and making a website sounds amazing. I love the fact that there is a class that lets me use my creativity in a digital age sense.

To be honest I have no game plan but as soon as I see something cool and fun to do I will do it. I have a good feeling about this class and I hope that this class will be fun and help me get my creative streak back on track. So let the chips fall where they may. Let’s do this!

Do you mean you want me to create an Animated GIF?


How the heck do I do that? The short answer is that there are lots, and lots, and lots of ways. There are actually lots of online automated GIF-makers, but in order to be able to progress and do more complex animations you need to learn to build them on your own using desktop tools such as GIMP, ffmpeg, and Photoshop.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Find a piece of video from Youtube, that you’ve shot on your phone, from a screen capture, and/or ripped from a DVD/Blu-ray. You need to get that video onto your desktop so you can work with it. There are many ways to download youtube videos, so with a little research you can figure it out.
  2. Trim the piece of video you wish to animate. It’s best to keep it short. A few seconds at the most. MPEG Streamclip and ffmpeg are both very good free video clip editors for this kind of job. You can also trim the video in Photoshop, but it’s probably better to trim first if the clip is really long.
  3. Import the video clip as layers into an image editing application such as GIMP (free) or Photoshop. You will be able to make additional changes to the duration and timing of the animation in this process by discarding frames and/or change the time duration played for frames. Also you can crop the frame if you wish so that you focus on a particular portion of the frame. Finally you can resize the pixel dimensions of the frame based on where you wish to post the GIF. This can be important for sites like Tumblr that allow a maximum pixel width of 500 px.
  4. Export your animation into the GIF format. In the export process there are possible color and dithering options as GIFs work with a limit of 256 colors. These choices affect both the appearance and final size of the GIF. Fewer colors and less dithering typically produce a smaller file size. And sometimes you need to balance between the two in order to achieve a satisfactory look as well as maintain a reasonable file size. Tumblr again restricts you to a maximum of 1MB for a GIF 500 px wide, or 2MB for a GIF 400 px wide or less.

You can find many, many tutorials online for creating GIFs of a wide variety of types. Everyone seems to have there own tweeks to the process to create them. This tutorial for the whole process using the free software GIMP is useful. As well this basic tutorial using Photoshop, basically the same version that we have in the lab, could be helpful as well. And you can add text with GIMP as well.

Either way you may feel a little like this when you’re done!