The plan

I’m so excited to see what this class brings me at the end of the semester.  I plan on blogging, doing the digital story projects, commenting, doing the weekly reflections, being involve into my personal website, being on time and also possibly creating an event organizer.  One assignment I plan on doing is blogging because I’ve always been interested in it and have thought of doing it for awhile, so I believe starting to do it in this class will brighten my horizon, an example of blogging is Another assignment I am really thinking of doing is the event organizer, I feel like it would be extremely interesting especially since you’re able to create whatever you want, one event assignment that caught my eyes is this example right here I think The professors are given us the option to do whichever assignment we want to do because this class is about creativity, expressing yourself, your ideas without being limited to anything. It might change but I plan on checking the site like 3-7 days a week for at least 20 minutes especially since I am trying to expand my creativity and learn from everyone. Yes, I have considered that I may not get full credits for an assignment that’s why I plan on doing as much as I can “just in case”. I chose this GIF because I found it relate-able especially when I haven’t workout in awhile and I go back and have an amazing workout even though I didn’t feel like going to workout.


The social media accounts I use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. (Those are my accounts)

Instagram is my favorite. I use my Instagram account for posting pictures of myself and sometimes funny quotes. It is like my own selfie book. My Instagram page is public; I do not really get too personal on their. I think I’m pretty enough for everyone to see my photos.

My twitter account is also public. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I use it a lot during award shows or the first episode of a new show. The people I follow are HILARIOUS, so I always have a good time on Twitter. I also use it to follow celebrities; see what they are up to. I love to tweet celebrities because mostly all of them respond back to me.
My Facebook account is private. Very Private. Only family and friends are accepted as Facebook friends. If I do not know you, if we do not attend the same school, if you are not in my class, please do not request me. You will FOREVER be in my friend requests. I hardly accept people. My Facebook page is very private because I have photos with friends and family.
Vine is a very fun app I have on my iPhone. It always makes me laugh, which is the main reason why I use it.

Danah Boyd’s post about social media does not change how I feel about it at all. When you post things on websites, it is neve deleted from the web. I can google my name and see photos I’ve taken in high school. You just have to be careful what you post, so you won’t be embarrassed in the long run.

Im On The Worldwide Web

I have an account with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I normally use my Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. My Facebook is a private account, and I try to use it only to see whats going on with the people I know, post pictures of myself, and a few motivational statuses.

My Instagram fluctuates from Private to Public depending on what I post. I use it to post pictures of myself and videos of me singing once in a while. I want to start using it to network and build, so i’ve left it public for the time being. I currently use that account to see funny things and laugh, but I will start using it for social networking.

Lastly, my twitter is something I use just to blurt out random things in my head. I often make reference to lines from different songs I listen to and I talk about my mood a lot. Otherwise I don’t normally use my twitter that often.

The people that can access the content of what i’m posting in each different form of social media does effect what I post. I don’t express too much of my personal business on any of my accounts. I am content with my public appearance and I do feel like we need to be conscious of what we depict. The article didn’t change my thoughts much because I understand that everything I share is public so I assure whatever I choose to display is something i’m comfortable making public.

You can add me on Facebook

You can add me on Instagram

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– Valerie


When People Challenge Me

**At a popular LA cafe, the ladies are gossiping**

Jackie Christie: I design way better than Draya. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing?

Sunday: Girl Please! Draya ain’t no damn designer, hoes don’t have successful careers.

**walks into local LA cafe***

Draya: OMG! Hey guys, so nice to see you!

Jackie & Sunday: Same here we were just talking about you.

Draya: Im sure… Well I cant stay, I have a lot to do, but you can catch the rest of my swimwear for sale on mint-swim and don’t forget to look for the new fall items on fineassgirls.

***walks away and calls best-friend***

Draya: I know they were talking and hating Mercedes but i’m confident and focused on me and guess what …




When people think that they are better than you, try and tear you down or act like you cant compete with them, just be confident, believe in yourself and know that you can take them all.

– Valerie