Game On!! Yeah..ok…

I plan to complete assignments that interest me.  I do not frequently check my emails or check websites due to my hectic schedule, but I will make sure to make time to do so. I will make sure to complete assignments at a steady pace. I’m not going to overwhelm myself, but they will get done. The examples of assignments I chose are fanfic and emoji movie. I chose fanfic because I like when I get an opportunity to freely express my creativity and create my own characters. I also chose emoji movie because it looks fun. Its like pictionary in a way. I think we are given a choice of assignments so our creativity will not be restricted. I understand that I will not get full point value for the assignments even though it will be handed in before it’s due and will be pretty awesome. It’s life I guess…

I chose the gif below cause this is exactly how my face be when I see assignments. I can go through 5-6 facial expressions in less than a minute. To me this facial expression means “Yeah, I can complete these assignments.” This will be my face when I open up and see what assignments are due and just get straight to it.


Starting plan

For CT101 I want to do blogging and the digital story telling projects. I want to these assignment because they do give more points than the other assignments and even if i don’t receive full credit for these I will still receive enough to keep up with the class. With the blogging i want to divide the 55 blogs through each week of the semester. And with the projects just doing the 2 each week so i don’t lose any of the points. These assignments are also connected so I’ll be able to blog about the projects I’ve done and any other things I’ve worked on my own.

being able to dodge stress by not leaving everything last min

What’s the plan?


I don’t have and actual plan for this course, but I do plan to get as much assignments done as I possibly can. I plan to do these assignments as soon as I get them, i would use the time after class to try and get them done. I chose to do this because I want to receive the most points that I possibly can. I also choose to do this because I know I may not get the full pout value for each assignment. I think the choice of assignments was given to us so we don’t have to stress and do every assignment, we can have a sense of freedom.

Game Plan Set!


I have chosen several assignments to do. First I plan on doing the digital storytelling project 1 and create a gif out of a video I have taken not to long ago. I have chosen this assignment because i have always wanted to learn how to create gifs. I plan on doing them on time and within the day that it is given. I plan on taking it slow at first and then build a pace from there. I have considered that I will not do perfect on every single assignment. It is pretty awesome to have the flexibility to choose whatever assignment you want becuase it gives one the ability to asses their abilities to a specific assignment. I also plan on working on a personal website as it is another tool I wished to learn how to make. I believe that knowledge is power and things should be taken at a gradual pace. I have chosen this because it will show what I gradually will intend on doing in this class.



Hello, Internet!

I hope to really get my creative juices flowing this semester especially for a class like this one that sort of forces you to be overwhelmingly imaginative and expressive. I plan on doing a fair amount of blogging, digital story projects (making a variety of gifs; playing with different programs such as Photoshop as well as GIMP), commenting, critiquing posts, and making sure to complete my weekly reflections. I’m mostly looking forward to creating my own domain name and website that truly symbolizes who I am, what I’m interested in, and what defines me as a person, as well as an artist. I chose these kinds of assignments because I feel they will be able to showcase my talents and creative growth throughout this semester. I will try to make a schedule for my work progress so that I can complete a huge chunk of work each week, especially during class if I can. I have considered that I may not receive full credit for each assignment I complete and I have decided that when this happens, this will push me to put more effort and time into another course activity in order to make up for the lost points.

 hello internet

I chose this gif because even though I’ve been using the internet for as long as I can remember, I know there are going to be a few instances during this class where I’m going to say “How did I not know about this before?” and it’s going to feel like I’m using the internet for the first time – fumbling around, playing with different applications. But I know that even if I do come across something new, it will still be exciting and I’m really looking forward to learning new things and saying “hello” to the internet once again.