Social Media Choices

I have a few engagements in social media. I mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. All of these accounts are used just a little differently. My Facebook is more for keeping close with my friends from high school or even junior high school and a bit of family. Twitter is used for following mostly game companies and a few celebrities that I am interested in. Also looking through trending topics are very useful to see what people deem important. My tumblr is basically my interests account. I’ll follow anything that interests me from games, anime, music artists, celebrities and even tv shows. Tumblr is also a great source to find amateur design artists. My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all private. I do this because those social media there is some information I post that I only want my friends to see, especially my instagram. Tumblr nobody knows me beside my created name. I choose these decisions by what the site if for. Finding out the purpose of said site should always be looked over.

Looking over the link, I’ve already known about people being able to search for names in search engines. It does not change my mind either way. I myself googled my name and there were other people that had the same exact spelling of my name. But am I apart of the google search I have no idea. I’m certainly not on the first page. Is it frightening of course, but it’s the internet. Not everything can be kept private. The best thing that can be done like the writer said is make an identity on the internet how you would in everyday life.

Social Media Enthusiast

As I stated in my first Weekly Reflection, I am a huge social media junkie. I’m currently engaged in Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. And have been using each of these for a few years now.

I use each of these accounts quite differently as they are all meant to be used in a certain way. I share images, quotes and my own personal thoughts by blogging on Tumblr. I also use it as a communication tool when interacting with people around the world. Instagram is more of a space where I can share images and videos, that I’ve taken with my phone, with my friends and people I know personally. Twitter is strictly for little tidbits of my daily life that I feel comfortable sharing with whomever wants to see/read. I post the occasional mediocre picture on there, as well, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on my blog (Tumblr) or my image feed (Instagram/Flickr). Flickr is where I post personal images taken with my digital camera. I post them here because they are of higher quality and Flickr has a really nice website to display these pictures adequately, as opposed to Instagram’s small and primitive app/website. And YouTube is where I post videos that I have shot with my camera and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

All of these profiles are public except Instagram, which I do make private, from time to time, depending on how personal the images and videos become. By making my corners of the internet public, I’m able to connect with different types of people and share ideas and engage in creative/interesting conversations. I’d like to think that each social media website serves it’s purpose and it’s nice to be able to put a piece of you out in the internet for people to view and ultimately give feedback on.

After reading danah boyd’s “controlling your public appearance” my opinion on how I should portray myself on media sites has changed a bit. Every once and a while I will post something inappropriate on my blog but for some reason I never thought that it may come back to haunt me one day, so after reading this article, I will definitely start to make my blog more appropriate for general viewing in case I need to use it for school or future employment.

Social Identity

I tend to use alot of social media. I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vine and Tumblr. I tend to use them mostly for interactive uses with my friends. Youtube was made because I was inspired to make videos about comic books and such. I have an instagram account but most of those are just for fun.

Reading Danah Boyds piece on social imagery it makes me think of my problems and worries of social media. Sometimes I worry about people stealing my identity. and using my face for malicious reasons. even though this was written back in 2007 it still has some relevance today for those who want to have some sense of privacy. It is still a big issue about having all these social media accounts and being connected to the world. The problem with that is you never knowwho is connecting with you.


Having one’s Own Domain? Sounds Interesting.

Anyone would like a domain of their own. It is something that you can decorate and edit to express you and post things that you like, your ideas, and creativity that you contain. Having your own domain gives you the ability of self expression and for other uses such as professional use. I believe other people create their own domain because it is their own space in the internet, their own opinion and self-expression. Other use their own domain for jobs so other people can see their work and what they can do online. I checked out the site and if I were to have my own domain, the name would be, if it was available of course. It isn’t based on my real name but characters I work on privately. I would choose this name and post things containing Kiwi and Wiwi. Though it is a silly name, I find it having a bit of an adorable aspect to it.





My game plan for communication technology includes a lot of hard work.  I want to aim to complete all the Weekly Reflections, Digital Story Projects, Critique Post, Event Organizer and Blogging. I enjoy doing the weekly assignments. For the weekly reflections, I plan on taking about forty-five minutes on planning, writing and editing my post. For the Digital Story Projects, Critique Post, Event Organizer and Blogging, these will take me close to two hours to complete. I am nervous to try to attempt the Digital Story Project because I have not worked with a lot of technological mediums such as gifs and mashups. I enjoy blogging. I am so excited to start blogging. I chose the Digital Story Projects, Event Organizer and blogging because I want to be knowledgeable in those aspects of blogging.

For the Digital Story Project, I plan on using this

Another link I plan to use this.

These two links are assignments I plan on completing. I also plan on using The Daily Create.


I think the professors have decided to give students a choice of activities to complete so that students can have a variety and do the post they truly want to do. I plan to complete the assignments the day before it is due. I have considered that I might not receive the full point value for the assignment. Therefore, I am going to try really hard on each assignment so that I do.


One of my favorite show is The Mindy Project. I’m planning on doing this dance when I accomplish each assignment for communication technology. I chose this gif because I love the show The Mindy Project and every episode is hilarious. Hopefully I complete most of the assignments for this class.