Synthesizing Ideas for Points!

Synthesizing Ideas for Points by Re-Defining Photography!  

I have been getting a few interesting inquiries about generating content for our class projects. It has been mainly about what qualifies as a “legit” contribution to the course projects criteria listed on our syllabus. The short answer is, you decide! I know, that may seem like a lot of power but think of how you can direct that power and what you will learn in the process. The key word is process. As you practice blogging (and you certainly are at this point) something great will occur to you over time. You will notice that you are developing both a blogging style as well as a series of techniques to communicate via the web. You will notice that creating, expressing and sharing what you are passionate about through your blog will enhance the content. So, is it possible to create and event, tell a story and create a tutorial about how it all came about? Indeed it is. Perhaps this post can serve as an example, or start a thread for you to personalize and transcend.

In a recent post on my personal blog I talked about re-defining my relationship to the medium of photography and integrating more of it into my work as an artist. I have been thinking, what better way to do that than to make a 1 year commitment to a project. I could shoot a series of pictures each week, choose and edit the most interesting ones, write something about each of them, and post them onto my blog for the year to see how they build. I proposed to post a minimum of at least one photo per week (I am going for quality here) but if it happens more than that, so be it. The intention is to define and understand how and why I am shooting the subjects that I choose, and what each image “means.” I am interested in discovering and communicating my visual world by recording fragments from daily life. I may be setting up fictional props and installations to accompany this. All of the images will be shot and captured in a digital image format. I choose to create a new process for how I plan to later show the works as they exceed this blog and my social media profiles. This project has far exceeded my original intention and continues! I do not have any plans to slow it down.

IMG_0493 2

I have been using flickr since 2005 as an archive to share and show my art and its processes. At the time, I created two separate sets for photography of this nature. One is titled “RMS Photography” which for the most part is what I “thought” photography was, and what “should” be in that set. The other is titled “Video Art Frames, Projections, & Film Stills.” I feel that this set is far more interesting and it has also become a part of my next step. I have been experimenting with digital film making and video art as a medium for over ten years. I enjoy writing and creating fictional narratives, editing sequences, creating manual filters, and working with the related software and technology. As a result of this in repetition during the editing process I discovered still frame compositions that held my interest. I started a collection, and it grew, and grew. I started manipulating the images in a variety of ways. Over 3,000 images later, I realized that I had to finally synthesize my perception of photography and the existing video / film still archive into another entity. So, here I am. Mobil phones and other portable devices have certainly upped the game, this is contributing to my process big time.

I have a created a specific set on my flickr blog to archive the project::

Equipment Update 4/1/13- I have used an i-pod touch as a camera source for this project from 4/1/13 – 12/20/13.

Equipment Update 2/3/13 – I am happy to announce that a Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS has been added to the equipment bag for this project.

Equipment Update 1/2/14 – I have added the iphone 5C to the project.

Degenerated Digital process Experiment

How would you title this post? Digital Storytelling? Tutorial? Process / Event creation? Am I leaving something out? Have you considered collaborating with another one of your classmates to generate something for our platform?

Sky is the limit.

Domain name

A student or faculty will need their own domain name because they will feel what it means to have something of their own. Their own personal identity that they won’t have to share with anyone, their own freedom to pick or do what they want. Their own domain name is like your own car, you have to freedom to control it. Other people have their own domain name for professional or personal use because that means its like their own little world, if someone has a business and their own website or domain name then that lets people know they are independent and will do business with that company. I will mainly choose my domain name as a quote or a something short because I want something to be meaningful that I can call my own.


Ok, I had a lot of fun doing this project. I have a samsung note pro Tablet. I downloaded 2 applications from the playstore. I downloaded video cutter, and a Video to GIF converter. I also used to download any videos from off of Youtube.. I already had some movies on my Tablet. My first GIF is a clip from the classic movie “Strictly Business” . Since I had this movie on my tablet already I just had to use the video cutter, to cut out the part I wanted to use as my GIF then save it. Next I uploaded it to the Video to GIF converter to then transfer the clip into an actual GIF. This reaction would be used in a textual situation as such :

Sarah: OMG you won’t believe what I heard, Ashley is trying to get you fired. She wants the promotion that your being considered for!

Becky: I can’t believe this!

Sarah: What are you going to do?


When you really want to knock someone out, because your so mad!
When you really want to knock someone out, because your so mad!

Sarah: OMG lol how about you try talking instead.

In my next Gif I created it from a scene I cut from a movie called “This Christmas” I got from youtube.I had to download the video from youtube using clip converter, then use video cutter to pick my scene, then video to Gif converter to make it a Gif. I would use this Gif as such

Becky: I found emails in Ronnie phone from another woman


Kick his Ass if he his cheating lol
Pour baby oil on the floor and, Kick his Ass if he his cheating lol

Becky: You took the words right out of my mouth! LOL

Social Media

Weekly reflection 3

The Social media I use is Facebook, Twitter sometimes, Instagram and Tumblr. Facebook I use very often because that is where I contact and connect with alot of my friends and family so of course some of my posts are set in privacy for family because some details are not suitable for family to see. On Twitter I only use to post some posts about my journalism class so I don’t use it alot. Instagram is where I post mainly set to private and Tumblr is where I am the most public I post anything I want on there. Tumblr is where I have no close friends or family to see what I am posting so I have the most freedom there while Instagram is in the middle of privacy and public and Facebook is my main place to connect so I need to be careful what I’m posting sometimes. After reading danah boyd “controlling your public appearance” it still does not make me change my mind, I don’t post anything that will be a threat to myself if you search up my name on Facebook there will be thousands of me but when you click on my name it will only say my job and nothing else.