Photoshop will get me photo with favorite celebrity!

In the past I have used digital manipulating tools such as Photoshop to slightly edit images. I am relatively comfortable with it when it comes to basic photo editing/enhancing such as changing color schemes and cropping objects out, however, I would like to learn to use it better. With photoshop I would eventually want to get to the level of adjusting images to put things into scenes they do not belong without it being noticeable.

Another editing tool I’ve used previously is the computer software called audacity. With this I would take segments of songs I liked most and combine it with those of other songs. I was terrible at this due to my inability to blend the audio samples together seamlessly. I would like to learn this tool and skill so that I can have all my favorite audio pieces together although it would just be a hobby and not something I would do with frequency.

The attached photo is edited by a Photoshop expert and is the type of skill I would like to take from this course.

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The beginning.

MyVidlabVideo First of all I want to start by saying I’m so excited for this class, the journey I will be taking in learning how to be creative in so many different ways. I must say I can’t recall when was the last time I have been so excited for a class, so indeed I accept this challenge. Truthfully, I don’t really know much when it comes to a variety of storytelling tools but I am excited to learn everything and maybe become an expert in some of these tools. Here and there I do some shooting, recording but not anything too extreme. I am most comfortable with shooting just cause I usually take plenty of photos and here and there I do some basic edit. I’ve always been intrigued by how certain things in videos are made, and everything that have to do with editing the video and creating something different, I would love to learn everything that the class is offering. This piece I included is just of a song I really like, and think the lyrics video is pretty cool so I decided to record a piece of it. I edit it on Vidlab which I personally just downloaded  in order to edit the video and add some effects to it, enjoy.

Cant Keep Calm

Back To college

Everyone makes keep calm, this is made by me, its simple but I was very excited to get back to class after a long summer break. To learn new things, I have worked a little with Photoshop, Imovie to edit video a little. I live by my pictures, I think it shows everything without saying anything. And learning new way to create  can make sometime out of this world. Arts like this made by I think every women can relate to this, more works like this are on the blog. When I wear heel I try to walk away from grate. 12 Amazingly Useful And Accurate Tips For Living In NYC  After getting your heel stuck if you wearing a dress this happens.  I wish I could use something to play with this picture of Marilyn Monroe. I hope to learn that and maybe make something out of this. Look at my simple work Cant Keep Calm and look at the works here of NYC. It gets me really surprised how people can do so much stuff. So that’s I am taking this class to learn stuff like this. Since I do love Computers and Web, my major is Information System with Minor in Communication. Looking forward to learn a-lot this semester. Hope to make something wonderful.

Nature is a living beauty

I’ve always had a fascination for photography, although I’m not a professional it entices me! I love looking back at pictures I took and do simple edits. I depend very much on my iPod Touch because most of my pictures are there and honestly, I never leave home without it. I like watching funny videos on YouTube but I’ve never edited a video, used Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator or created GIF files and I’m very interested in learning to work my way around them.IMG_2625[1]I saw this picture while at a zoo in the caribbean and I had to take a picture, it’s so beautiful. I edited it using Flickr, it looks even more beautiful now.