Magical Creatures

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Animating Transit

Platform – Creative Musings on Mass Transit is an exhibition series created by The Transit Museum which invites artists, writers, and performers to reflect/respond to NYC transit and the innumerable emotions and stories that arise when New Yorkers think about the subway. If you’re not from NYC, one way you might be able to appreciate […]

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This Way! Wait no that way.

There is a new profession of trail blazers, those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record. Vannevar Bush in 1945 basically imagined both the personal computer and the internet in his memorex device. But what was also prescient is how he imagined that there would be people that […]

When my mind drifts – I feel

When I think about my wife and children I feel warmth, attachment, satisfaction. When I think about my email inbox I feel overwhelmed – always. When I think about impressive works of writing, art, film, I have feelings of admiration, at other times envy, and the best feeling is that of inspiration. These are all […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling