That Moment When…

This is a GIF that I created from a video I took of the kids dancing at my cousin’s baby shower. I feel this GIF could be used to substitute for someone being very excited or happy. For example, you remember that moment when you were in grade school and your teacher didn’t give you homework. Or when you found out you were going to Toys R Us or Chuck E. Cheese? That’s the expression this kid has and the dance just adds to it. Here is an example of how this GIF can be used in a ‘textual’ situation where you just found out it was a 3 day weekend:

FRIEND: Hey, what are you doing Monday morning?

YOU: I have classes from 10:00am -2:00pm.

FRIEND: Dude, we’re off from school tomorrow!


Lets Get Digital..Digital!!

A student or faculty would like to have a domain name of their own because they are creating their own type of online identity. This is a way you can freely express yourself however you feel. As it was stated in the interview, “you are in control”. This is your online identity. Not only will It define who you are as a person, but how people will view you too.

People who have domains for professional reasons wants to get their possible business out there and network with the online community. Technology is so popular in this day in age that everything goes viral. People are always browsing the web, so having a professional domain is a great way to promote yourself. I think that people who use domains for personal use just wants to share their life, thoughts, beliefs, or ideas with others.

My domain name will define either a part of me or one of my characteristics. A name that came to me is The Twisted Adventure. I would like that as a domain name because it describes how I can be. With me an adventure is not a straight path. You never know what can happen. I am a sporadic person. Expect the unexpected with me


Leveraging the Contest for Class!

Giphy_Line_Announcement_v3 (2)

Class, Our friends over at will launch a great new opportunity on 9/22! Yes, Monday! Tomorrow! Our class day! You know Giphy right? Its the Internet’s greatest search engine for GIFs!

Giphy is partnering with the messaging app Line (500 million users), ADHD, Frederator, Tumblr, and lots of others for an awesome contest focusing on art and communication in digital sticker form. This can certainly be used as an opportunity for our CT101 class. How will you use this as a potential opportunity? Daily Create? Digital Story Telling? Blog Post? We want to know!

Prizes include $10k for the grand prize winner and all top ten finalists will receive a Cintiq!
Submitting is simple – you can just email your submissions to !! Any of your existing or new art can be entered into the competition (and you can submit as many pieces as you want).  It can be animated or static (GIF file if animated, PNG if static), and it just has to have a transparent background, and has to correspond to one of the emotion categories listed here ->TheShopContestCategories (when you submit, just make note of know which emotion(s) each submission corresponds to).  You’ll continue to own all the art you submit – by submitting you just get the chance to win cool prizes and get tons of exposure!
The Guidelines – Submission Guidelines
Any Questions? Bring them to Class on Monday 9/22 or get a thread going here below.


Domains are as unique as you would want yourself to be seen. A student or faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” possibly to express oneself or to maybe even gain popularity. There can be a need for one of these for professional/personal use in order to create a space in the internet and take it with you, as described in the recording. In other words, you can use that to establish a professional image to help you explain who you are. As a student this can be possibly be a virtual resume, or selling point of your talents etc. I agree with the recording’s statement of the fact that you can be yourself or the exact opposite of who you are on the web. Jim says that parents would often say “hide your identity” and such which makes sense if shy people do not want to fully put themselves out there. Maybe these types of people would truly express themselves only though and unknown identity. I try to not fully expose my identity because in some cases that can put you at risk of identity(even though its probably something small like a fake account of yourself) and stuff of that nature. For this reason and others, I would probably choose a domain name based on my favorite ‘old school’ car, an ‘MR2’. The domain name i searched and found available based on it being solely based on this favorite vehicle was “” which would apparently only cost me $8.99 to purchase :). I would own it for the simple reason that I would upload information pertaining only to this car that other admirers of the vehicle would be able to enjoy as well.