I Need To Get My Game Plan Started

As a game plan for this course, I intend to do blogging, weekly reflections, perhaps a personal website and commenting/critiquing. Hopefully, I can manage all of the above. I like blogging since it allows you to give feedback about your own perspective on various topics. Commenting and critiquing allows you to correspond with your classmates through your blogs and at the same time you are giving feedback. In that approach you have a chance to inform your classmates about if they are doing the right thing on their blog and also if they are on track. In a sense it is all give and take which is helpful for students in the class.

Also, I believe that these types of assignments were given as a choice, since students would be able to explore their options and do what they find most appealing. I intend to complete these assignments at a fast pace. I have considered the possibility of not receiving full point value for each assignment. By creating your own game plan, students have the opportunity to work at their own pace, and create posts and be creative in their own ways. They are able to share and express their views, comments and creativity on their own blog or website.


Digital Story Telling Is Definitely Necessary

I would say that I am fairly new to digital story-telling tools even though I am a journalism major, and shooting photos and editing is quite fresh for me. However, I do engage in taking a number of photos for articles and stories that I work on, but when it comes to editing I cease to take an attempt in improving the quality of my photo shots. But as of recently, I’ve tried cropping pictures and improving the brightness, and the coloring, and I still remain a little weak in that area of photo editing. I’ve used some features on my nokia windows phone to do a little editing. However, I would like to learn to use Photoshop and other advance programs. This is a picture that I recently took and shared with social media.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Rosanna Singh

I’m not much of a fanatic when it comes to taking photos as some people are. However, when I do take a photo, in most cases it is because it actually means something to me. I am someone who happens to love red wine. So one Friday evening I was having my usual movie night by myself and I was also relaxing with a glass of red wine, so I figured that was a Kodak moment and i needed to capture the moment. Thus, my bottle of red wine and my wine glass was quite sentimental to me.





We’re Here!

This is one of the first videos I ever put on Youtube. I have never really tried to use editors. I used Photoshop once and did do some photo editing before but I have not used it in a long time. I am willing to try and get better at using all tools of media. Especially the editing of video. I really do not like the hassle of editing ,but if I wish to become successful at it I will have to learn the nuances of the craft. I look forward to taking this course, this semester.

Lets Talk Media

I have some experience with digital storytelling tools. I am familiar with photoshop, gimp, youtube, movie maker, cameras, video recording. I used to dabble in graphic design, but it has been a while so my skills may be rusty. I feel comfortable with those tools because i have used them before as hobbies or for class. I would like to learn more about blogging because it looks interesting. My friends always rave about tumblr. I tried using tumblr but it was kind of confusing. I would not say that I am uncomfortable with it. Once I play around with it I will be able to understand it more.

The media I chose is this picture I took while skating Chelsea Piers. I just happened to be longboarding and on my phone at the same time and caught this perfect moment. I uploaded on instagram and used a filter on it too. I just cant remember which one.