Pre Game Interview

For CT101 I plan to complete the following assignments: blogging, personal website, weekly reflections, as well as maybe do a few critique posts here and there. I think blogging and my personal website will go hand and hand because I plan to do both a blog and website about music or entertainment in general. I chose these assignments because I feel they will be of help in getting me an A in the class and also they are things I’m actually interested in. I think you gave the choice of which types of assignments we want to do because you feel if we choose it, it will be something we are interested in and will work hard on. I didn’t exactly pick a set pace for which I plan to complete each assignment however I did consider the possibility that I may not receive full point value for each assignment, so I plan to give it my all.

The GIF I chose is from an interview that Russell Westbrook did a while back. I chose this GIF because I tend to make this face a lot and it was my first reaction when I read that I may not get full point value for my assignments.

Plan to an A

Most of the class will focus on blogging because it allows you to receive 550 points if you do everything correctly, but I will also focus on another aspect which are the weekly reflections. This is an easy thing to complete because we are just writing about what he think and know. Its no right or wrong answer and we get to express ourselves. I am in no rush to have these assignments completed. I will take my time so I can learn more and give the best blogs and reflections that I can. Attendance is also another way to get easy points.


I chose this GIF because that was my reaction when I found out we can choose what we wanted to work on for this class and didn’t have to complete every single assignment

Weekly Reflection 2

For this semester the two assignments I hope to accomplish are photoshop and visual design. I haven’t learned how to photoshop but I’ve seen it done on a bunch of websites and I know I can learn the techniques to create my own work. I also hope to learn and achieve visual design so that I can make unique art of my own. I think its good thing that we get to choose the assignments because it shows what we’re comfortable with doing and how we like to create different things. Although I probaly won’t get all the points for every assignment I’ll try my best to get as much as possible.pjs

Although I really want to learn a lot from this class and many of the topics look interesting when I’m on the computer I get lazy because I know I have a lot work to do which is the reason why I chose this gif. Sometimes if I just sit back in the chair it helps me work things out one at a time.

Future Goal – Weekly reflection

If I think I can than I can I find this very true so that is the reason I choose this. I want to keep this in every step of my life, when times are hard.

Weekly Reflection 2 – My game plan will be my personal website it will be so great to have for future as I go forward and take the CT360 web designing, also I will doing a little of everything commenting, digital story telling and more. The assignment that I have chosen is to build my skill better in world of computer, it feels good to just be open to everything. I am a Information System Student and in my major I get to have a taste of every field programming, data crunching, business and web design. I will try to get full points but I will try to do little of everything.

This picture of snoopy I feel like it shows be cool under pressure, since I’m taking 5 classes this semester.