Old Love meets New Love

Different from your average iPhone battery
Different from your average iPhone battery

When manipulating photos I like to use Photoshop and GIMP. I used those two softwares to create a New York Knicks Charging Battery image on an old iPhone i had that was jailbroken. I also used Photoshop to change the slider to the Knicks logo and the carrier at the top of the phone to the Knicks logo as well. I would like to learn how to use iMovie and Audacity, because I have never used them before and I think it would be a great opportunity to learn how to use them.

Amateur Hours

Spider VS HULK v-2


Janken Scissors Colored

I have very little skills in all forms of digital storytelling. The best I can do is basic image manipulation. Above is some work I’ve done in the past. The first was a black and white picture I decided to color in Microsoft paint about 10 years ago. The second is another picture I colored about 4 years ago, however I cannot recall the name of the software I used. Technically, I’m most comfortable with Microsoft Paint because all it has is the basics which I all I’ve needed for the type of editing I want to do but I’m aware that it’s a microcosm of real image editing software. I would like to become better with a superior image editing software like Gimp because I constantly feel the desire to make certain images but I’ve never had the skill to do so.

new beginnings

Im not real experienced in what this course requires. I have some experience in shooting video. I have recorded basketball games,church services, and other events. I have recently began working with Photoshop in my computer graphics class. I only used it for a couple of hours but I’m getting the hang of it. I began learning how to add colors to the background of pictures and how to erase things on the photo that I didn’t want there. I also learned how to scan an old photo and edit it to look brand new again.


This is one of the photos I am working on in photoshop. As you can see i’m erasing the background.

My first Post

When I was younger I love to take photography, taking pictures and remembering the moments when the pictures are taken is very valuable to me. Then I started using Photoshop to make a T mobile commercial for my computer class in high school, that was a very fun experience. As I got into a more advanced computer class in high school we started using Poser 7 to create short animations, I couldn’t really get how that works but I still managed to make a 30 second short animation. I’m most interested and comfortable in Photoshop because I had some previous experience of that and it amazed me how real the picture is after being photoshopped. I’m not familiar with making GIFS and I want to learn how to make them because it seems very fun and entertaining. DSC00179

I took this picture when I was at vacation and I am amazed at how the colors blend together very well I love photography.