My Poor Social Media Life

I really don’t have much of a social media life to be honest. I have a Facebook account that I’m not always consistent with and my youtube account that I do use a lot to look up music videos and have several subscriptions to specific music artists as well as people who I find entertaining. Which is very different to what I do with my Facebook. I tend to view/ comment on my friends pages and post things that I think that they’ll find equally humourous like pictures or memes that I just happened to stumble upon while I was on Facebook. I honestly didn’t even know that G+ was a new social media site. Mainly because I feel like Facebook is enough for me and if people want to know what’s going on in my life, normally the can just call me or text me and I’ll let them know! LOL Even though that’s very true I would like to get more into the social media life and actually get involved with things like Instagram and Snapchat.
I believe both my Facebook and my Youtube accounts are private and have never been open to the public simply because I value my privacy as well as other people’s privacy and I think that certain things should be only be seen by friends and family.
After reading Danah Boyd’s article I definitely will think more about the comments and posts that I’m going to be uploading to Facebook and videos I post on YouTube, from here on in because one day I might regret posting or saying something inappropriate on the site and what’s on the internet is there forever so anyone can find it! That means my future boss’s too! So I’d also like to be more careful with what I say because one day when I’m applying for jobs, the difference between applying and getting a job might be what comments from Facebook comes up in the google search engine when you type in my name!

Social Media Junkie???…More like private person

The types of social media I engage in is youtube, Instagram, facebook, snapchat, and groupme. I do not post youtube videos, but i have an account just to subscribe to channels that interest me. My Instagram account is private. I use instagram as a way to share moments of my life with my followers and to see what is going on in todays world. Most of my followers are friends, family, and people who share a common interest with me. My facebook account is also private. I do not add random people. My facebook is to stay in touch with friends and as a way to contact people if phones are not possible. Snapchat is something I just got into. My friends and I send goofy pictures or videos to one another. The plus side of it is that once you view a snapchat someone sends you, you cannot view it again. Groupme is just a way to contact people or set up plans. We make group chats and add certain people in it depending on what the group it far. It comes in hand when you have to do group projects for school and you are trying to contact your members all at once. All my accounts on social media is private. It is only viewable to those that i chose to share my business with. Basically all my social media accounts are for a way to contact me or others.

After reading the article, it did not change my thoughts of social media. I already know that you must be mindful about what you post online because it can come back to bite you. This article is great for people who carelessly post anything up online. There is such thing as having a healthy online life.

Social Media ?

I use many different social media networks for many different reasons. I have Facebook, Instagram, & Vine. I had a YouTube and a Tumblr account which I both lost the passwords too. For Facebook my account is public, it used to be private until a great amount of people started following me I just decided to leave it public. My new Instagram is public. My old account was private for a while until I got really annoyed with accepting request. My request would reach like 500 of people I never knew and I didn’t bother accepting them because I wasn’t planning on following them back anyway. My Vine was actually the only account I had that was private. When I had my YouTube account I don’t ever remember setting up privacy settings and the same goes for my tumblr account. After reading Danah Boyd’s ‘Controlling Your Public Appearance’ I do change my mindset on how I might use social media. When I post what I post it’s because that’s me and I honestly have nothing to hide. But I guess I need to be a little more careful on social media it won’t hurt nobody.


I currently engage only in social media Facebook, otherwise known as facepage, as all you would see at one point were selfies. Since I only use this one account, it is really easy to manage my web social life. I prefer to engage thru text or apps such as whatsapp that I only log into Facebook strictly when bored. It is set to private because I don’t like people I do not know, knowing information about me and much less if they’re someone I probably have never seen before. My choices thru social media as well as in general are made by careful observation and weighing out all possible outcomes. The article ‘controlling your public appearance’ further strengthens the way I choose to use Facebook which is maintaining all privacy. Although a small chance, it is true that your identity and even more is at risk when publicly using social media.