GIFs are FUN

The most interesting work I’ve done so far is creating GIFs and being able to familiarize myself with Photoshop because I’ve learnt a lot more than what I knew originally. I don’t think the class is difficult, but what seems to be difficult to me is coming up with ideas to create stuff. Yes, my […]

A way to Progress “Flip”

I think so far the most interesting thing I did in class would be the vine video, cutting is it good to have viagra the pictures together make it motion and the Harry Potter creature’s GIF cialis for sale Image,how I played with Photoshop to

make the sparkle move, as well as adding the title to the image. I learned a little bit about the QuickTime Player. So far I’m not familiar with the Photoshop, for me it’s still very confusing.
What inspires me or reflect my work would be something like audio piece or, shooting a video, maybe editing, regarding my experience with Premiere Pro and Final Cut.
When I registered this class I thought we will be taught how to work on Photoshop and be professional generic cialis with it, later I figured it’s all about self tutoring, the fact of being self guided for me is very confusing. Personally I was lost for the past weeks of class, I did not know what to do, I was very confused with the assignments and projects.
I think what makes this class very confusing is not being guided like usual, but on the other hands what makes it easy and smooth is the fact that your being your own guide, being able to pick up your own work and how the progress goes. viagra and recovery time My plan so far I knew a lot more about premiere Pro, I learned a lot about the Vine application.
Where I think I am, I’m aware of a lot of things so far not like before when I first started, I was struggling just trying to figure out the class and how to do projects.
My motivation would be knowing more about this class, for example getting to know other programs and other applications as it would help me develop my knowledge regarding my CT major.
The reason why I want to know more about different applications is getting professional with posting things

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into my blog and when I look into the generic cialis internet to find some piece of animation or GIF I do not want to wonder how did they create that.

I’m posting a piece of animated picture, Share your comments,critiques and ideas please.
Thank you

Progression Works!

CT 101 has opened a wide variety of assignments to choose to work with. It is not a simple task at times, but in the long run it is my very own creation. Out of all works/assignments, there are actually two that interests me the most. The first is Digital StorytellingRead More…

CT101 Digital Storytelling