dreaming of my own domain

Growing up, schools were boring and we were barely on computers.  When we were on computers, we had limited freedom.  Students or faculty members having their own domain is an awesome idea.  A student would like to have their own domain or  “domain of one’s own” because it would be a million times easier for… Continue reading dreaming of my own domain

Navratri Digital Storytelling

Navratri (Hindi: नवरात्री Gujarati: નવરાત્રી Oriya: ନର୍ଵାର୍ତୀ Bengali: নবরাত্রি Kannada: ನವರಾತ್ರಿ Assamese: নৱৰাত্রি Marathi: नवरात्री Punjabi: ਨਰਾਤੇ Kashmiri: نَورات / नवरात Telugu: నవరాత్రీ Tamil: நவராத்திரி Malayalam: നവരാത്രി) is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga.Navratri means Nav means nine and ratri means night. This is a big hindu festival of India.… Continue reading Navratri Digital Storytelling

Domain Name: Digital Self

Why would we have our own domain name? I think students or faculty members may have their own domain name because it shapes who they are. We are in a world that opens an unlimited variety of usage of the Internet. Creating your own domain name can’t hurt social media. It just improves who we are. Rather than… Continue reading Domain Name: Digital Self

CT101 Digital Storytelling