My Super Secret Plan

My game plan for this class is very simple, I will try to do as many activities as possible so I can get the most points allocated to me. Ill start off by doing the weekly reflections, they are the most straight forward and its a matter of responding to the instructions, of course they get more intricate as the weeks go by so ill also have to learn and adapt to use new digital storytelling tools, Along with the reflection ill also start to blog as my experience gains more in the forthcoming weeks, this way I can share with others my experiences as well and more importantly get more points. Ill also try to critique posts and do a bit of commenting to get the full total of points. That is the plan its super secret so dont tell anyone.

I Got This!

My game plan is simple… I would spend atleast an hour on expanding my mind’s creativity everyday with the digital is a good start. I’d really like to expose myself to all the assignments because the world of technology is AWESOME! So trying to complete all the given asignments is my main goal. Creating GIFs to me would be EPIC! I’m interested in editting pictures and videos and really getting to work my way around photoshop. Blogging is nothing new but being able to embed my very own creation is great. I’m so excited I’m willing to get my hands on any offers! Although I may not complete all but I believe keeping the mindset to the top would leave less room for failure. I think we are given the option to do whichever assignment we want to do because this class is about creativity and expressing your ideas through digital media and opening your minds to think beyond media. I have considered that I may not get full credits for assignments because I’ve learnt that there’s always room for improvement and nothing is perfect.

I chose this because as frustrating as this class may seem, it’s cool. I got this… I’m fine! LOL

I like Ay’s

Me going into this like ‘I got this’

I am being asked to choose which assignments I will do, and this just doesn’t sit right with me. I feel as if this is some sort of cruel joke to get my guard down and then at the end of the semester, tell me all of the things which I did not complete. However everyone will be going down so I think I can trust it. So I will just do as much as possible and maybe a few things may slide if I get to overwhelmed with life which usually does not happen but if it does I know which class to let my hair down first. HAHA I am joking of course. I am excited to learn and hope my enthusiasm will lead me in this course. I believe we are given choices, because this may be new to a lot of us, and you wouldn’t want us to pull out our hair screaming out the classroom with the frustration that usually comes with computers. Also, not all of us will have access to the type of services that you are asking for, such as QuickTime. Which I tried to download and got a virus, so I am not enjoying that aspect of it thus far. I do not like hearing that I will not receive full credit but nothing in life is perfect so as long as I can get almost full than I think I will be fine ūüôā

Just nail them down

“A game plan” I never really plan at all. The reason I don’t plan is, because anytime I plan for things it always goes wrong. Though if push comes to shove then I’ve probably pick¬†Photoshop¬†and documenting my weapons skins in my¬†workshop.¬†Either with submitting renders of my custom designs on the weapons or submitting stuff from my¬†deviant art. I believe that the reason we get to choose, because we students can’t use the excuse “it was too hard”. My pace would probably be 2 – 3 blogs a week and complete most of the storytelling assignments. Not receiving full I guess it’s fair I have no problem with that.

My favorite comedian Lewis Black “Your Gonna Love It”

I chose this GIF, because I believe that this class would be a blast and you’ll get to see the a lot of students hard work.