The Life of a Noob

Hello everyone, my digital storytelling skills whether it be, shooting or recording videos or manipulating text, are abysmal at best. I once tried to edit a photo and almost broke my cellphone. I do have Facebook but that as far as my social media expertise goes. I hope and aspire to learn in this class new ways to edit audio and video, to create and manipulate animation or any type of digital medium. And most importantly learn ways to implement and convey to others my acumen and be more interconnected with the world.

That is all, thank you for reading.

How Not to Catch A Virus- You know like that show but with Predators

WIN_20140906_152651 (3)
Don’t I look great! The reason why this picture is here which I messed with the color, filter, and crop is to share with the world that no matter how small something is I will have to torture it to show my love.
I do not have much experience with creating anything with a computer, maybe except using the paint tool! The only thing that I took part in with a type of media maker is making a “commercial” to speak on the awareness of Autism. The best part of that for me was being in it, however I was with my friend for most of the way watching him piece and cut media and then making it into something we were both so proud of. I wish I had a copy but it was on some tech site that deleted the video in a month and my computer was not compatible with it so I never got to save it. Clearly I need some help with these things, I am not ashamed to admit I am not tech savvy. And so my friend..he moved to Israel so I guess that is a lost cause. When it comes to making music I have done that with my brother’s phone and played with the auto-tune and of course as any girl with a phone I know about cropping, filtering photo’s just for the sake of what if my whole life was in black and white.So overall I am super excited to learn things that I had no idea I would ever learn how to do, like make those funny gifs, boy watch out world. Evil mind powerful device, what can’t go wrong. Oh and also, maybe we can have a lesson on how not to catch viruses just maybe 🙂

Take Pride in Where You’re From

Nothing inspires me more than being born and raised in a place they call New York City. From the hectic use of subways, busy streets, bad attitude, and fashion, to giving a homeless person money, being bothered by drunks and addicts and witnessing the most outrageous things. It may come with its detriments but I accept the positive things about New York City. “The City That Never Sleeps” or the “Big City of Dreams”, it has always been a good feeling to me knowing people travel across the world to come to NYC to fulfill there careers and tourists visits for the site seeing. To see how the city has transformed from back in the days is interesting. I am fond of taking this class because I’m am interested in photos, videos etc. I feel taking this class will help strengthen my digital storytelling skill with taking high quality pictures, and making high quality videos. Some of the tools i currently use to take photos and make videos are my iPhone and iPad, and I would use my computer to edit them. I am more comfortable with my iPad and iPhone because i use them the most to make home videos and take pictures. I would love to learn how to get more adjusted with the computers because it can be complicated to handle and comes with a lot of featuresstock-photo-new-york-city-jun-times-square-subway-station-in-nyc-on-june-times-square-is-a-busy-119607622flat,550x550,075,f.u2


pandora__s_jungle_avatar_movie_by_jackietranraven-feather-drum-ethan-foxx-aurora borealis green mountains

The images I chose are some of my favorite kinds of graphic images and are images of things I’m interested in using and learning to edit or recreate in this class.I don’t have much experience when it comes to editing images and such but I have used tools like Garageband to edit audio, sounds and to make songs in school and I’ve also used the movie player and editing tools on my toshiba to edit videos and pictures I’ve taken of myself and so on. I feel most comfortable with recording and editing videos and audio because I’ve done more of that, than I have with editing pictures and manipulating texts and other images in general. I personally would like to learn more of everything as well as specifically how to manipulate texts and images to do fun and creative things because it’s something I don’t normally do and it seems fun. It’s also a skill that I think I could use later on in life to do certain projects and activities  in different classes. I am also really excited to learn to manipulate images and texts better because maybe one day I’ll be able to make my own artistic statements, through the images I take and edit, and other people will be interested in them as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This photo was taken about two weeks ago at the gym to show my progress and encourage fitness motivation, using three different editing apps on my iPhone. Like most previously stated thats were my realm of expertise ends. I’m anticipating learning how to navigate different softwares on a more professional level.

Applications I’m most comfortable using include, Instagram, Studio, PixlrExpress+ and Hipstamatic. However, even then I’m mostly guessing and frustrated because it doesn’t turn out the exact shade of Vintage Hipster I was reaching for. These iPhone apps appear in my eyes to be the easiest to understand and are free, which is why I use them. By the end of the year I hope to purchase a quality camera for photo journalism so I’m eager to become tech savvy through this course.

Most software I’ve previously used were Audio Engineering programs used in my home studio, which include ProTools and Studio one. Although, I have experimented with PhotoShop and Illustrator I can’t say I’m content with my skills. iMovie and GarageBand are always fun to play around with but I can’t seem to fine tune like I’d wish. I’m excited to take this course and can’t wait to see the artistic excellence from my fellow students have to offer!