Old School

My childhood was filled with weird and awesome things. TV, video games. toys: the kinds of things that made being a kid more memorable. We all have that one thing that made our childhood awesome. But when those things are replaced, a little heart shaped hole is left behind, longing to be filled…sometimes memories aren’t just enough.

These shows (to me) had a weird sense of humor, but there was a certain charm to them that made it hilarious. I do have a weird sense of humor and these shows make me reminisce about the fun times. I do miss them because they made up some part of my childhood and partly why it was amusing.

The reason why I choose to talk about this is because my friends have had fond memories of these shows and others. We talk about our childhood like it was yesterday. I guess we miss those days because it took us back to a time when shows didn’t have to go the extra mile to be good, only go with what was given and ran with it.

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Good bye childhood, you will be missed.

Creativity vs. Copyriting

Copyrighting is a legal right created by law that grants a creator of an original specific type of work exclusive rights to the use and distribution of the work. The exclusive rights are not set in concrete , there are certain limitations to the law such as fair use. Fair use is leeway around being able to use the original work but there are factors that has to be followed , such as:

1. the content and purpose in which the original work is being used

2. the amount or portion of the work that is being used


3. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the original work

One thing that I’ve noticed is that being creative and showing creativity in a transformation or replication of a work , can also be a way of breaking this copyright law.

For example, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Line (ft. T.I. and Pharrell Williams) has recently been brought up for a case where they are being accused of stealing the music of an original song.

It has been brought up that Robin Thicke’s song had infringed upon Marvin Gaye’s song ” Got to Give it Up”, Robin Thicke says that “he and Pharrell Williams were in the studio and were playing around with beats and wanted to make a song that had a feel of his favorite song which was “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye”. This case was in court for about a week , and Marvin Gaye’s children swore up and down that the two songs were too close to be coincidence. They were suing for $7 million. Personally, i believe that these two songs may have the same feel but there are creatively different and there arrangements are different .

The article below follows the case:



What do you think, are these songs the same or creatively different?



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When your friend says Let’s go for it!”

But he really meant just you

Watch your own back Lol

Seriously… !!!

This is a scene from the movie

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

This movie brings me back to the days where I could stay home on the weekends in my PJ’s pass 11 A.M. ! I was able to stay in bed and turn on my T.V, laugh, change the channel and laugh some more.

Oh how I took that for granted

Tomorrow I have to wake up early for work

My new reality!!!


my first gif

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My first gif!! this was my first attempt using imgur. I didnt really focus on anything special.


this is my second GIF. I took a little more time to actually create this one. I made this GIF because i thought it was funny and motivational. If these young kids can take there health and fitness seriously at such a young age whats stopping us as adults from doing at least a 30 min workout.


A copying writing issue that has sparked a interest in me is remixes. I watched a video called “Everything is a Remix” and it explained that most almost all media come from another piece of media with a slight change from the original or it falls in to the same genre. Having the same genre means its a basic story line just with different characters, setting and other things that can make it different  from another. It made me realize that majority of the shows I watch are just spin offs of each and some of the shows copyrights popular books, movies, plays and other media sources to stay current.

For example:

Sex and the City and Gossip Girl

Sex and the City follow the lives of four best friends with very different lifestyles, while Gossip Girl follows the life of a group of friends in a private school life. Both shows take place in the city and deals with person life problems for each character

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