The tools i have used to edit any sort of media are the basic apps provide by my Iphone. These include Instagram filters, pic post play, frametastic and flipagram. I am comfortable using these apps to some extent but could know a lot more.I know how to shoot basic Iphone or ipad videos. I tried once to start youtube videos but didn’t get far because i didn’t know how to use Imovie.  I am not comfortable, well really not knowledgeable enough on using photoshop software and things of that nature. So i am really fresh hence the title.

Here are some of my favorites images



Old Love meets New Love

Different from your average iPhone battery
Different from your average iPhone battery

When manipulating photos I like to use Photoshop and GIMP. I used those two softwares to create a New York Knicks Charging Battery image on an old iPhone i had that was jailbroken. I also used Photoshop to change the slider to the Knicks logo and the carrier at the top of the phone to the Knicks logo as well. I would like to learn how to use iMovie and Audacity, because I have never used them before and I think it would be a great opportunity to learn how to use them.

My first Post

When I was younger I love to take photography, taking pictures and remembering the moments when the pictures are taken is very valuable to me. Then I started using Photoshop to make a T mobile commercial for my computer class in high school, that was a very fun experience. As I got into a more advanced computer class in high school we started using Poser 7 to create short animations, I couldn’t really get how that works but I still managed to make a 30 second short animation. I’m most interested and comfortable in Photoshop because I had some previous experience of that and it amazed me how real the picture is after being photoshopped. I’m not familiar with making GIFS and I want to learn how to make them because it seems very fun and entertaining. DSC00179

I took this picture when I was at vacation and I am amazed at how the colors blend together very well I love photography.

Work History

I’m comfortable with shooting, editing photos, recording, and editing videos. I’m not really familiar with creating animations, nor editing audio, and I’m actually interested in editing audios, I’m not quite confident with the video editing too, I would love to learn more about it though.

The tools I used was mostly Photoshop express editor, video cutter and i movie.

Those videos of me hosting one of the Tunisian’s Radio Station, interviewing couple of singers and actors it’s in Arabic and French mix.

This link is my new upcoming show called Fe ElGhorba

The promo is already out on TV in Egypt. It’s about Egyptians who come to the United States and start living here, the struggles they face and all the conflicts they go through. In Egypt there is a lot of people who thinks that whoever lives in the United States are pretty lucky , and they get a lot of better chances. The idea of the show is to expose that life here is not as simple as they think and that people here are struggling as much as they struggle back home.

The square is one of the biggest documentaries that was made in 2013 back in Egypt that talks about the 2011 revolution.I was part of the script writers not for long,I was

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filming with the cast for couple of months then I had to move back to the United States but I’m very close friend to the crew, so I was working with them behind the scenes. This film was nominated for the Academy Award for best Documentary. Honestly when we started filming I thought it was just a regular documentary I didn’t know it was going to be that big. I felt lucky for being part of the team for the first period of the time. It also won three Emmy Awards at the 66th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.







Weekly Reflection 1

I watch a lot of cartoons and one of my favorites is Tom and Jerry. So I found a video on youtube video that had a compilation of episodes of Tom and Jerry. I used the website to take part of the scene from the video and made a gif. This website made it easier for me to learn how to make a gif. But I would also like to learn how to make gifs from pictures. The scene was from the episode of Tom and Jerry called The Cat and the Mermouse. This was how the gif I made came out.NauticalNonsense

I’m good at using the computer and I was surprised I was able to figure out how to make this gif. I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from this class. I would also like to learn how to use other applications like photoshop.