My confidence when I’m done with this course

I chose the Kanye gif, to describe how confident I will feel after I develop my skills in technology.

My game plan for this course is to focus &, do as much blogging as possible,also interacting with my peers through comments & critiques. I love to write , and communicate my thoughts , and any ideas I might have. I’m not very tech savvy, so I’m nervous to do the digital storytelling projects. I also am excited to devote many hours on working on my personal website. I want the website to be a reflection of my identity ,& to speak about my career and future goals. I want to be diverse in my choosing assignments to work on, so if I don’t receive full point value, I can make up for it in other assignments. I think that we’re giving a lot of freedom to pick assignments , because the teachers want us to try out different things, so we can get the most out of this course, & to figure out what we may be good at. Develop new skills.

Me hard at work, during this course. Studying & getting creative.

Social Media Junkie???…More like private person

The types of social media I engage in is youtube, Instagram, facebook, snapchat, and groupme. I do not post youtube videos, but i have an account just to subscribe to channels that interest me. My Instagram account is private. I use instagram as a way to share moments of my life with my followers and to see what is going on in todays world. Most of my followers are friends, family, and people who share a common interest with me. My facebook account is also private. I do not add random people. My facebook is to stay in touch with friends and as a way to contact people if phones are not possible. Snapchat is something I just got into. My friends and I send goofy pictures or videos to one another. The plus side of it is that once you view a snapchat someone sends you, you cannot view it again. Groupme is just a way to contact people or set up plans. We make group chats and add certain people in it depending on what the group it far. It comes in hand when you have to do group projects for school and you are trying to contact your members all at once. All my accounts on social media is private. It is only viewable to those that i chose to share my business with. Basically all my social media accounts are for a way to contact me or others.

After reading the article, it did not change my thoughts of social media. I already know that you must be mindful about what you post online because it can come back to bite you. This article is great for people who carelessly post anything up online. There is such thing as having a healthy online life.


I currently engage only in social media Facebook, otherwise known as facepage, as all you would see at one point were selfies. Since I only use this one account, it is really easy to manage my web social life. I prefer to engage thru text or apps such as whatsapp that I only log into Facebook strictly when bored. It is set to private because I don’t like people I do not know, knowing information about me and much less if they’re someone I probably have never seen before. My choices thru social media as well as in general are made by careful observation and weighing out all possible outcomes. The article ‘controlling your public appearance’ further strengthens the way I choose to use Facebook which is maintaining all privacy. Although a small chance, it is true that your identity and even more is at risk when publicly using social media.

A Blitz of Social Media

I am hardly on any social media platforms. I check Facebook once in a while, but I am always on twitter. I only check YouTube for makeup and hair tutorials. I love feeling inspired. I check tumblr for fashion ideas and different makeup looks. It was Fashion Week in New York City, so many blogs, Tumblrs, and Facebook accounts are updating and sharing their makeup and fashion style along with the outfits they seen on the runway. I use my social media accounts differently. For my Twitter account, I mostly retweet quotes and fashion outfits. For Facebook, I like pictures and talk with friends and family members. My Facebook is private and my Twitter is public. I decided to make my Facebook private because I hardly check it. In addition, I only add people I know whereas on Twitter anyone can follow me. I hardly post photos on Facebook and Twitter. As for my Twitter, it is public because I mostly retweet inspirational quotes and read articles.


I enjoyed reading Danah Boyd’s Controlling your Public Appearance. Her article was funny, witty, and informative. The article strengthens my belief that you should always be mindful of what you post on social media. I believe that social media can help forge friendships and can help communicate with a family member overseas, but one must be mindful of what one posts online.This article does not change my mind about how I use social media. I mainly use social media to interact with friends and to retweet inspirational quotes.