Patience is a Virtue

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I created this gif of myself as a reminder that to be successful, you have to be patient. We will acquire skills we need in our career once we are patient. At the moment, if it wasn’t for Imgur, it may take me hours to create a gif like the ones on popular blogs like Tumblr. However, with patience, I am confident we will all learn how to blog like the pros!

Beyond the Cave


One of my all time favorite illustrations derives from Plato’s Alllegory of the Cave because it is a constant reminder that perception is always biased. The way we form our truth is based on perception; which is why visual media greatly influences social norms and how we think. This image also reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950’s classic Rear Window because the main character’s truth’s were solely based on what he saw out of a window.

Here’s a scene from the original film.

Busy Week

I had a really busy week. I am using a different computer so hopefully my hyperlinks and media content will work. Anyway I was a model in fashion week so I went to about 10 fittings with designers this week. My sister and friends came to the show. Every fashion show I do my sister comes to support and gets some realllllllllly crappy pictures.Screenshot_2015-09-12-21-45-07

Hey, I finally got my media content to show. 🙂 I do not yet know how to add a personal video to my posts or I would’ve. Maybe someday we’ll learn.