Weekly Reflection 2

For this semester the two assignments I hope to accomplish are photoshop and visual design. I haven’t learned how to photoshop but I’ve seen it done on a bunch of websites and I know I can learn the techniques to create my own work. I also hope to learn and achieve visual design so that I can make unique art of my own. I think its good thing that we get to choose the assignments because it shows what we’re comfortable with doing and how we like to create different things. Although I probaly won’t get all the points for every assignment I’ll try my best to get as much as possible.pjs

Although I really want to learn a lot from this class and many of the topics look interesting when I’m on the computer I get lazy because I know I have a lot work to do which is the reason why I chose this gif. Sometimes if I just sit back in the chair it helps me work things out one at a time.


e8nZCI plan to complete all if not most assignments which of course permit ways to express oneself in ways other than what I am use to. I would like to complete the assignment which involves animating an image like presented on the first day of classes. Another assignment would include the photoshop experience in which we would take a scene or object in a picture and place it in another (also demonstrated on the first day of classes). These assignments would preferably be created in a steady manner in order to fully perfect them. I am confident that I would receive close to if not full point value because I will dedicate time and effort into their completion. My confidence is shown thru the attached gif image.

A beginning in editing

i have used AVS video editor to edit some videos that i have either done by myself or with other friends. i haven’t been able to use it as much but it seemed pretty cool and it seemed to able to do some awesome effects on videos if you get used to it. i would like to be able to get to use it more and get more comfortable with. In this cover i used AAVS to edit the video so that these two videos that were recorded at different time could be played at once. This was the first time i had tried it so it didn’t came out perfect but i really would like to be able to use this program more so i could be able to do better edits .

[jwplayer mediaid=”713″]

Strengths and Weaknesses

This photo was taken about two weeks ago at the gym to show my progress and encourage fitness motivation, using three different editing apps on my iPhone. Like most previously stated thats were my realm of expertise ends. I’m anticipating learning how to navigate different softwares on a more professional level.

Applications I’m most comfortable using include, Instagram, Studio, PixlrExpress+ and Hipstamatic. However, even then I’m mostly guessing and frustrated because it doesn’t turn out the exact shade of Vintage Hipster I was reaching for. These iPhone apps appear in my eyes to be the easiest to understand and are free, which is why I use them. By the end of the year I hope to purchase a quality camera for photo journalism so I’m eager to become tech savvy through this course.

Most software I’ve previously used were Audio Engineering programs used in my home studio, which include ProTools and Studio one. Although, I have experimented with PhotoShop and Illustrator I can’t say I’m content with my skills. iMovie and GarageBand are always fun to play around with but I can’t seem to fine tune like I’d wish. I’m excited to take this course and can’t wait to see the artistic excellence from my fellow students have to offer!