Animals Doing Funny Things: Funny Dog Workout!

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Hey, dogs need their exercise too! And don’t you forget it!

This is hilarious! Some of us humans should take a page out of their books!!!

#Fitness first, #Good health is not limited to us humans, #I wonder how long these dogs lasted on the treadmill?

From the ds106 assignment GIF repository the Animals doing funny things assignment.

Bucket List Collage


BeFunky Collage FinalThese are a couple of the things on my bucket list. The first picture is of a man parachuting and it represents my desire to conquer my biggest fear. I’ve always wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible and while that goal can be fairly vague the next two pictures are from the two locations I absolutely must and will visit. The first is a picture of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Japan. The next is the skyline of an island in Hawaii. Finally my dream is to be an author so even if its just once I want to write something lasting. Something that will live on long after I’m dead and buried.


Guess who’s coming for dinner!

In this scene Scarlet show the minions a picture of queen Elizabeth and ask them “You know who is this?” Kevin responds, “La Cucaracha?”

The Joke about this scene is that he compares queen Elizabeth to a cockroach I believe referring to the famous nursery song called “La cucaracha ya no puede caminar”  gif.

I would like to insert text in the gif. so it will be more interesting.

My basic idea in the post was to put Guess who is coming for dinner? and Kevin will say La cucaracha meaning to “The mother in law” because that’s how spanish husbands refers to them.