Why journalism has my interest

Hello, I am Randy Ramnarine, I am journalism major who really wants to be a sports reporter/anchor. The idea of being able to travel to huge sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and etc and being able to report on these event fascinates me. Also, the thought of being on live television and giving my opinion what is likely to occur and having contact with these worldwide famous athletes seems unreal. I use to blog just a bit on google mail about any sporting events, but I lost a bit interest in it so I am trying to regain focus about it.

The Crossroads of Careers

A high school graduate of 2009, i was so sure that i was going to become something in the medical field. Forgetting my dusty passion for being a writer. Now here I am 6 years later sitting in a course that is a requirement for my Journalism major. I went through countless science courses, some i failed and some i just was unhappy being in. I have finally realized that writing is what i do best. It doesn’t matter how long your journey is, the point is to be on the right track and complete the journey. So when you find yourself at the crossroad of choosing your career, always follow your heart. Get rid of all the opinions of others and listen to yourself. It will be the best decision you ever make. Much Love


My First CT Blog post!

I was really excited to take this class because I’ve always wanted to have a website or blog of my own. During this first class my excitement has only grown and I really hope to create something for myself which will serve to benefit me in the future. I’m not that great with computers so I was especially nervous when I walked into class only to find Mac computers since I’ve never used them before. However, professor Seslow reassured us that we do not have to have that much knowledge about computers in order to be successful in this class which was definitely a weight off of my shoulders. I can’t wait to see what this class has in store for me!