New Website

In last class we learned to create a WordPress website. Even though we were having many technical difficulties, we were still able to create our own website. It’s really cool and exciting to have your own website which could also be used as portfolio. In my website i will be posting my blogs and design works such as gif, website, photo effects, tutorials e.t.c. I also want to learn to customize my website by using css and html.

My website is but it’s still under 


Friday the 13th–Official last post

Okay, this is officially my last post guyssssss 🙁 I just wanted to share this gif I made on photoshop. I never really made a animated photo from start to finish via photoshop so creating this gif was pretty fun but aggravating at the same time. I don’t really celebrate halloween but I thought this portrait was really fun to play  with in the spirit of halloween but more fun than scary…I probably should’ve animated more but i’ll get better with time….watch 😉 … Anyway now it’s time for me to start focusing on my website so check me out there..




So, I am kind of excited because I have my own site

This is pretty cool because I actually intended on getting my own website but it just was not a super important priority in my life but I am glad that I have it now! (better sooner that later right?)

I intend to use my site for music related content. I may start using my blogs as journals and reviews of songs that I am listening to because I am kind of doing a personal project right now, if you would like to know more, please do visit my site! ( not right now silly, theres nothing there! its under construction just like your website!)

Anyways , I do have one more post to do here at so I can not completely say goodbye yet. I willbe back…


Finding Myself..

These Past Couple Weeks Have Been Rough, Period.

Nothing Around It All, Really Has Been Difficult To Properly Assess And Redirect Myself Accordingly To Be Successful In The Multiple Spectrums Of Light I May Dabble Or Involve Myself Into. Finding A Balance Within All My Talents Has Been A Continuing Issue. Within My Career, My Responsibilities And My Dreams. I Expect So Much Of Myself And Yet, I Could Easily Let It All Go.

Then I Continue To Think, “Is It All Worth It?” Answer: Yes.

Was It Worth Having Two Knee Surgeries To Make My Dreams A Reality?Was It Worth Leaving A Well Paying Job I Hated To Work For A Company That I Love For Endless Growing Opportunities And An Invisible Paycheck?

Was It Worth Going To A School 2 Hours Away To Receive A Degree That Can Open Up Endless Positions Of Success?

Yes! I Now Know That After Several Questions To Myself. If You Talk To Yourself Enough, You End Up Talking Yourself Out Of Things You Desire. But To Do It For The Greater Good Of My Happiness?


I Love Adversity, It Brings Me So Much Negativity And Pain And Yet, Im Still Alive!

“Our Story Of Success, Is Nothing Without Adversity.”

– Mel Harris

Creating My Own Website

so last week in CT101 class we created our own websites where would be posting our work on it. The process to making it was pretty straight forward, sign up create a URL and etc.

The only thing that took pretty long was to wait for the conformation email from the company so we can officially have our websites, it took roughly 10 to 15 minutes. kept refreshing my page until finally we finally got it and we were on our way.

Right now there isn’t a lot of stuff on my website yet, still have to finish customizing it to make it in the image i want it to be. I can’t wait to get started on it and i hope you guys take this course are enjoying it too.

here a link to my website just to see the process i am making…….