The Vessel?

Last week, The Vessel in Hudson Yard is finally opened. It will be the new attraction in New York. But people’s reactions are not that positive.

Look at the design of The Vessel,

Image result for vessel hudson yards

To be honest, it looks like a bee nest with lots of staircases. Although the view is nice when you get up there, is it worth the money to build something like this?  In my opinion, I think the company should use the money into something else.

Also, people need to do reservation online in order to up the Vessel. WHAT THE HELL? Do we really need to do reservation to go up bunch of stairs? Just hope they will cancel this idea afterwards.

There’s also news about the company set the rule about whoever took pictures there and post it on social media, the company will have right to use your picture immediately. It sounds ridiculous to me.

Anyways, doesn’t matter how much I rant because I will still do my reservation, and take pictures over there LOL


I finally created my domain!!

Last weak in class, I finally created my first domain. I haven’t really posted anything yet because I am still figuring out what type of content I should add. I am interested in many things so It probably won’t be just one theme. There are so many things I want to show.

Today I got the chance to change my menu and update my home page post. I’m excited to see all of you there!!

Here is the link:

My Website

Finally, I have a brand new website, it’s my full name I want to post works that learned from CT101 class. I always wanted to build a website from scratch but wordpress not bad, it is only clicking buttons instead of hours of coding. I really loved it. May be I will open traveling website during the summer break and post articles and pictures that I took different places.

Captain Marvel + Her Involvement in Avengers: Endgame

Yo! I hope everyone’s doing good and I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far. I had the chance to check out Marvel Studios Captain Marvel opening weekend! So without giving away any spoilers I’m just gonna share some of my overall thoughts surrounding the film.

Going into the film I knew it was gonna have its own pros and cons given that although Marvel does produce good flicks they do leave you with some kind of bitter taste in your mouth (*cough* Infinity War *cough*). That being said I have to say that Captain Marvel definitely exceeded my expectations in regards to the heroine’s background story as well as how she obtained her abilities. I had no knowledge of the depth and history of her character prior to watching the movie so you could say that I was going in blind.

Actress Brie Larson who assumes her role as the famed Avenger was a good choice and I’m hoping that she sticks around within the MCU if there’s ever a sequel in the works. Samuel L. Jackson returning as a young Nick Fury was fun to see as well as Clark Gregg as Philip Coulson. It’s amazing how the special effects really give these films a certain energy and feel to them. Terrific work done by the visual design team! Jude Law who plays Yon-Rogg acts as a mentor and teacher to Captain Marvel and wants her to learn on how to control her powers or more rather her emotions! Captain Marvel’s emotional struggle is one of the most ongoing key challenges that she faces in this movie. It definitely gave the film more of an in-depth look into her character and how she interacts with the world. On top of that her personality is the best – through joyous moments as well as the more serious ones. She’s more well rounded than some will believe compared to her appearance and demeanor in the promos and trailers. Captain Marvel is a work in progress without a doubt, but I believe that she’ll make an excellent addition to the MCU going forward.

In a nutshell: Captain Marvel was awesome! For anybody that’s seen the film already, let me know what you thought about it in the comments. Next up is Avengers: Endgame so let’s hope that the Captain can lend a helping hand in the fight against Thanos!



What Is My Domain Name?

Creating a domain name is something creative that would attract the audiences eyes. Therefore determining the use of your domain is vital because it should be something that you enjoy doing. That is why I am going to create a sporting blog page that allows any sports fan speak there mind. Not only will the blog site be restricted to one sport, but all sports will be allowed to be spoken about. I have always been interested in sports and actually was apart of numerous sporting blogging sites, where I shared my own ideas. Now I believe it will be cool and fun to start on my own. Whoever knows well, all know I have to start the first blog post about my KNICKS!!

Image result for knicks logo