Creating My Web

Creating my website was a really great and fun experience. I always wanted to create my own website. I always wanted to create my own because I might use it in the future, when I work or if I start my own business. I enjoy creating it and getting started by selecting the image that represents my website. I like how we are able to arrange and construct our website in our own way. I also enjoy looking at the things it may have and do. I want to be able to arrange my website in my own way in the future.

What I Learned In Boating School Is…..

Aside from being a full-time college student, I am also a part-time after school teacher. Every Monday-Friday I work in the middle schools in Far Rockaway. I spoke to my supervisor and once a week I will be assisting in teaching the children “Vlogs and Blogs”

I am in charge of the Photoshop section of this class. So basically what I am learning in CT101 I will then turn it around and make it into a lesson for a class filled of 6&7th graders.

Tomorrow is the first day I am going to get the kids into it (and since we do not have funding for Photoshop yet) guess what the first lesson will be? Thats right, Panorama!

Halfway done!

The semester is almost over! The level of excitement is real. I always thought that fall semester goes by way faster than the spring, maybe because we have more days off for fall semester. It’s been very hectic with all of these tests. I feel like going crazy having to study for so many classes.

I have one last midterm next week and that’s about it. This semester has been somewhat of a tough one for me because my classes are getting more difficult so I’m just really happy its almost OVER.