For my final class post I am going to explain the plan for this short time off I am going to be working on some projects that I have assigned myself they are all works around the cartoon character MEGA MAN he was a character I always liked as a kid, and still do. The […]

I didn’t know there were size limits

I found out that there is a size limit to what files I can upload to the site, this is a bummer, because I would like to post some more mixes directly to the site. This should not be the case even if this is a basic site, but I guess like everything free there […]

This is jam right now

I always been a fan of lamborghini so when I heard the track my boy YestirDay dropped I felt like dropping this post, and then I thought I should put my own ode to the almighty Lambo. I made this in illustrator in the summer.
Link to Lambo music video …

CT101 Digital Storytelling