Art Show Project

For those that missed the Art show last week, IT WAS AWESOME! I’m so proud of everyone! Everyones project came out so cool . It was far from easy but we made it work. The project I created was an animated Twister board spinner, which uses an LED strip and a motor . Here is a […]

Final days :)

My experience in this class was a very pleasant one, I would definitely recommend this class to everyone. I learned so many things about the internet that I would not have known if I didn’t take this class. We had so much freedom to explore different things that interest us an cease our very own […]

Pop’s midlife crisis

  Im doing another writing assignment inspired by this assignment in the ds 106 bank. Today’s episode of The wayans brothers , Pops is trying real hard to be young again . The extras in the diner scene were wearing dull clothes and were used to fill space and make it look realistic. They look […]

Kandi’s Ski Trip

So today I’m writing a new review about a new show called “Kandi’s Ski Trip” inspired by a writing assignment in ds106 inventory. So on today’s episode they arrive in Colorado very happy. However, the old lady gang is back at it again. One of the Aunts became very disappointed because she spent a 2 hours in the […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling