Archiving Through Tumblr

  In a sense, I have been practicing archiving for a little over four years now through the blogging website, Tumblr. I don’t post any original content of my own so my blog consists of purely things that I’ve “reblogged” from other people that I follow on the site. It is literally a collection of […]

One of many Inspirations!

Andy Warhol is a famous artist who is famous for the way he revolutionized pop art/ visual art movement and also for his sometimes controversial art. Some of Warhol’s work was composed of many forms of media, like drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film and even music was a part of his art work. He was… Continue reading One of many Inspirations!

Responding To Great Advice

After reading Professor Michael Smith’s blog post, which contained some awesome advice from previous CT 399 students, I was immediately struck with inspiration and motivation to work harder at figuring out what I want to do with my time and finding new ways to create original, or just generally creative content. The most helpful bits […]

Blog Checkpoint Rush

This blog has changed quite a bit since I made it at the beginning of the semester and it just seems so full of activity and content as opposed to how empty and lackluster it was initially. I’ve changed my theme at least 50 times and I’m still not happy with it. WordPress really isn’t […]

Reflection 9

What has been the most interesting work you’ve done so far in the class and why? The most interesting work I’ve done has to be everything on copywriting.  When I’m mot I’m school I’m always creating and worrying if people will steal my work and get paid off of it.  Also I won’t receive the… Continue reading Reflection 9

CT101 Digital Storytelling