Love Rap Music, Tired Of Defending It

Here is a video from Chris Rock’s stand up comedy special Never Scared, and in the clip he speaks about the fact that he loves rap music but he is tired of defending it. He mentions songs like “Area Codes” “Move Trick” and the most well known song or the three “Get Low” by Lil […]

You Can Never Lose With ProTools

For this journal entry I actually listened to three of my MUS225 classmates’ projects on SoundCloud and left some constructive comments and open-ended questions on their songs. Then, in a blackboard discussion forum, I reflected on the following questions: 1) What was memorable for you about the three projects you listened to? 2) Did the projects follow […]

Always In The Mix

Here are some of the things I learned about moving Instruments Within Stereo Field 1) To move an instrument left to right: pan 2) To send an instrument backwards: EQ (high freq. roll-off), reverb 3) To bring an instrument forwards: EQ (increase high freq.), compression 4) To widen the image of a single instrument: delay […]

Wow, You “Shure” Do Know A Lot About Microphones

Use online resources and/or your local music store to research a current or historical microphone, then answer the following questions: –What is the manufacturer and model name? What years was it manufactured? Price (if you can find it)? –What type of electronics does it use? (Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon) –What is its pickup pattern? (Cardioid, Bidirectional, […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling