Updates on your project assets and animation plans

I thought I’d share another project possibility care of CT Major alumni Leeza Walkes. She created this wonderful remix animation during her motion graphics class in 2011. The project uses a short scene from the film Punch Drunk Love and it is re-envisioned with her characters and backgrounds. I was inspired by this incredible work … Continue reading “Updates on your project assets and animation plans”

emoji slot machine

This is a quiz which asks you to make a precomp using an array of emoji, which you will then animate in a composition. Make sure your array has at least five emoji. Bonus points if you build a complete slot machine graphic!   with a little wiggle And a lot more…

Make Me a Bird

Pick a bird from this NY Public Library Digital Collection. Download the full resolution TIFF file and create a transparent asset using the pen tool.

Upload that transparent asset to a post as a PNG. You must include the link to the original image, l…

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