Are Memes Art ?

Memes like Art, Is Subjective Memes are not the first type of art that comes to mind when we consider art compare to famous artworks in museums. However, it can be art as it is a form of self-expression. This is express through not just the words, images, or video but also in the layout… Continue reading Are Memes Art ?

Are Memes Art?

There should not be any sort of question that questions if memes are art or not because CT101 clearly says otherwise. I never thought of memes as a form of art until I started taking ct101. The more I learn about memes the more I was intrigued about them. Although, the definition of “memes”  is associated… Continue reading Are Memes Art?

3d effect memes

3D effect letters memes are what makes your work stand out, but my man says to put some respect on his name talk about fierce!! these are just the reasons as to why I’m fascinated. Not to mention, memes are one of those things where one can just express just how they feel within that… Continue reading 3d effect memes

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