Always In The Mix

Here are some of the things I learned about moving Instruments Within Stereo Field 1) To move an instrument left to right: pan 2) To send an instrument backwards: EQ (high freq. roll-off), reverb 3) To bring an instrument forwards: EQ (increase high freq.), compression 4) To widen the image of a single instrument: delay […]

They Want EFX

Listen to a favorite song on YouTube and do your best to answer the following questions about Panning and Effects: 1) What instruments are playing? (Ex. guitar, drums, female vocals, synthesizer) 2) What effects do you hear on the different instruments? (Ex. distortion on the guitar, reverb on the vocals, delay on the synthesizer) 3) […]

Song Form

Chose a song from YouTube, then listen to it a few times to determine the song form (example below). Include the names of the different sections and then length, in measures/bars, of each. You may also include addition notes about instrumentation, etc. Ex: Intro 4 (only piano and guitar) Verse 8 Chorus 8 Verse 8 […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling