Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet!

I enjoy looking at different types of food on the internet, especially the ones that are originated from the Middle East, Latin America, Italian, Guinea, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. Being able to search on the internet the type of food I want and the location they are at makes me really happy. Another reason as… Continue reading Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet!

Love – O- Meter

Complete Projects 3 (Love-o-Meter) was the next task at hand.  The components: Arduino UNO Breadboard Jumper wires LEDs 220 ohm resistors TMP36 temperature sensor this circuit is using both digital and analog side of the Arduino uno board. As usual I connected the breadboard to power (5V) and to the ground (GND). I inserted the … Continue reading Love – O- Meter

CT101 Digital Storytelling