GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost

Original Image of Jack Frost Photoshop-Hue/Saturation


Photoshop Filters

Create GIF using Giphy

During class, the steps of creating GIF is done with Photoshop and Giphy. First, is uploading a portrait image in Photoshop. I choose the fictional character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. The cold weather of autumn reminds me of winter is approaching soon, and that is when I recall my childhood crush of Jack Frost (he is a personification of winter). Also, Jack Frost came to mind since Frozen 2 is coming out this month and being that there are many fan fiction of the relationship between Elsa and Jack as both share the same ice power. After I upload the photo in Photoshop, I click the hue/saturation filter and then click colorize and experiment with the hue, saturation, and lightness. I made the image blue to represent winter (snow, ice, cold, etc.) and black and white as neutral colors. Next, I experiment with different Photoshop filters. Lastly, I upload and rearrange the filter images onto Giphy. Then, I reduce the duration to .01 seconds and add the glitch filter. I found this project to be enjoyable, particularly experimenting with the difference gallery filters on Photoshop.


GIF the Portrait!

Dear Students,

We love the individual blog posts that are being generated about the GIF the Portrait project! Please do not forget to E-MAIL to me your final GIFS from the exercise! Aside from the GIFs living on your blogs, we want to post them onto the collaborative tumblr.

Remember, Tumblr will only support files of 1MB, that is about 600 pixels or smaller. Please make sure your are sending me the right size. You can resize the GIFs in photoshop under “Image” in the main top menu. Go down to “image size” and make the adjustments there. Don’t forget to “Save for Web” as a GIF file!

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