Two Project Ideas I would Like to Work on

Of the various projects given, there is this particular one that interests me called the Daily Create. I like the fact that there is something new every day. The toast challenge is something I think I can do because its as easy as taking a photo of toast and putting words on them. One thing… Continue reading Two Project Ideas I would Like to Work on

MY favorite movie scene

For a final in another class I got to create anything i wanted so i created a soundtrack to scenes from some of my favorite movies. i either took out music from the scene that it was already in or i add music to scenes without music. Here are theRead More…

Love and basketball ds 106

For this ds 106 assignment i got together with some of my classmates and we created a dub over for the movie love and basketball. If anyone hasn’t seen it, it is about a boy and a girl who fell in love with each other and the game of basketball.Read More…

CT101 Digital Storytelling