Ok, I had a lot of fun doing this project. I have a samsung note pro Tablet. I downloaded 2 applications from the playstore. I downloaded video cutter, and a Video to GIF converter. I also used to download any videos from off of Youtube.. I already had some movies on my Tablet. My […]

Three’s Company is Fun But Three is A Moving Handful

I thought about making a very unusual but simple GIF. Three’s Company happens to be one of my favorite sitcoms. Even though it’s quite an old show, it’s way older than me, I never get tired of watching numerous episodes of it. Since I’ve never seen a GIF with Three’s Company, I thought creating a GIF… Continue reading Three’s Company is Fun But Three is A Moving Handful

CT Game Plan

This semester is going to be filled with excitement! For my CT class, there are plenty of assignments that I am interested in. Today I am completing a blog for my 2nd week reflection. I would like to complete all- if not, most of my assignments for this class. Such as, Blogging, DS106 assignments, Photoshop, commenting,… Continue reading CT Game Plan

CT101 Digital Storytelling