New Domain Name

Having my first site with my own name ! How cool is that?

My website is probably just going to be more towards on life and just random things hope you enjoy.

excited homer simpson GIF

The experience was very easy and cool. I can’t believe people actually pay so much money just for doing this. I hope I get various opportunities out of this. I’ve many people have their own blog post and business website never thought I would be doing this today. I guess this is goodbye to this.

GIF portraits

Beyonce’s Twitter

The reason I pick this picture because its a mood for the weekend. I can’t wait to relax because this gif making wasn’t easy as I thought. There are various type of saving and transitioning. At the end of it was very exciting and fun realize that I finally did my first GIF. I excited to make more. I even though there were many steps it was all worth it at the end!!

Clones ?

Using the new panorama mode made things really fun. Even if we didn’t have much we just thought of scenarios that either be funny or just are normal to the day as it goes by.This was fun to play with.

Here I am just showing how I feel like soccer got popular after world the cup ended.

The way to use it is very easy:

Make sure you have an object or a person you want multiplied. Using your smartphone going to panorama mode. As you press the button to take the picture as you move . Stop at the middle to use your object or person to duplicate. Then you just keep taking the picture.

mars panorama GIF

My favorites are these because its so cool what can be captured:

Picture #1

Picture #2


My first impressions of GIF

My initial thoughts of GIF’s were OMG! Like how on earth am I going to do this if I don’t get one on one attention, because how I learn is a step by step process and where is my little brother to say look dummy this is how it’s done, and in the back of mine it’s literally exploding.

However, what I gather from these GIF’s is that if I don’t try ill never learn, instead ill be the one who goes on living with regrets, and never ask anyone to

Furthermore, i want to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear who dresses in black or whatever color he decides to wear and mocks me with…

And finally, to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear will allow me to face challenges that may come my way

Basically its go time and am not afraid of the outcome ,because it’s a learning process that I have to overcome in order to be were I envision myself everyday, and am ready for the challenge so am going to have to





Gif Portrait Project

     This was my first time creating my own original gif from a portrait. It was honestly hard for me to find a portrait to use. Distorting the picture was fun the hardest part was actually putting all the layers together and trying to make it into an actual gif. It took me like 3-4 times to get it. When I saved it the gif didn’t changed it was stuck on a single frame image. I had to do the whole layer process over and over about three times again but I eventually got the hang of it. I’ll surely remember how to make a gif with a breeze next time.