Gif Portrait Project

     This was my first time creating my own original gif from a portrait. It was honestly hard for me to find a portrait to use. Distorting the picture was fun the hardest part was actually putting all the layers together and trying to make it into an actual gif. It took me like 3-4 times to get it. When I saved it the gif didn’t changed it was stuck on a single frame image. I had to do the whole layer process over and over about three times again but I eventually got the hang of it. I’ll surely remember how to make a gif with a breeze next time.

Happiness all around by Hastride

In the second week of my Digital Storytelling class, I was asked to think and blog about things that makes me happy. Particularly, what exists in the internet that brings me joy. Well, it was hard to think of one specific thing. So I want to list a few. To begin with, Google and all it’s products always bring a smile to my face. I have been using Google Drive, Docs, Photos, Maps, and Gmail for ages now and I just couldn’t imagine life without them. They are life savers, especially when it comes to the Drive. I lost a very expensive phone about 3 months ago and thought I lost all my information that I saved on that smartphone. Fortunately, all my notes and important documents were save to the drive and was able to transfer most information from my old smartphone to my currently new smartphone, which was a huge relief and made me so happy.  Another phenomenon about the internet that makes me happy is the site Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is the funniest site I’ve ever come across and the user’s definitions are just plain hilarious and always leave me speechless. Plus, I would totally recommended this site to the serious A+ student looking for fancy words to use on their college admission essay, the essay would be a big hit….allegedly. The third thing from the internet that brings joy to me is Youtube in general. YouTube literally has a video on everything you can ever think of. I am usually on YouTube to watch funny videos, music videos or catching up on some of my favorite Youtuber’s contents. Now when I leave the virtual world behind and come to reality, I am usually going to work then straight to school. My job is fun but saying it always makes happy would be a big lie, school on the other hand, makes me happy. I finally found something I love, programming computers and studying commutations technology, and that is something that will always make me happy. Even making this blog post makes me happy and doesn’t feel exhausting at all. When I am at home, chatting with my parents and brothers makes me extremely happy. I also enjoy watching WWE with my mom, it’s her favorite show, and she thinks the show is actually real and not scripted. The shows I enjoy and watch by myself are mostly on MTV, for example, Wild ‘N Out. When I am not catching up on my favorite TV shows, I am usually writing poetry. Poetry has always been something that I’ve enjoyed since High School and has really help me love writing in general. Last but not least, my favorite thing out of all of the above mentioned is SLEEPING! Whether it’s taking a nap during the day, snoozing my alarm for the 5th time, or sleeping all day on the weekends, I love it all and love everything that has to do with sleeping. I know this phrase is so over used in every social media sites and is very cliche, but “sleeping is my hobby”, and I know you’re also rolling your eyes because I said that but I sadly don’t care lol. Now enjoy this a GIF that expresses my mood after a good sleep.

New year,new theme?

So Rosh Hashana has just passed by,(the Jewish new year) and for today’s post I want to start off with sharing one of my original song I’ve composed back in 2013.

It’s still one of my favorites to play.

Why not start of the new year with some music right?

I knew you’d like that idea too! 😀

Well,here you go then.

Enjoy my original song “where stars align” below.

Thanks for listening!

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