My attempt at The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project

This blog post is on my personal website, Ricardoxo I decided to move all my work there so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

I will give a brief preview of what the blog post on my website shows. This is my attempt at this mini project

This is an animated GIF that I created. This image is based off an avatar that I have used for years.

I hope you guys like my remade avatar.

Seriously check out the more in depth blog post —–> CLICK HERE.

I’m Movin On

Hey Guys,

It’s been real.

But, I’m moving on to something that is more me. I can’t say whether it will be better than this CT101 site, but I do know that I’m excited to go on the ride. I may post on this site from time to time [If I still remember my password :)]

I haven’t entirely decided what my blog will be about. I know it is not just going to be about one thing. As a journalism student, of course, I will be dedicating a portion of my website to journalism. However, the rest will be something that is out of character for me. (still deciding on what that will be)

Here is my first official post introducing my website. You can check out my websites and see more updates and blogposts at

With that said,

The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project!

The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project!

When do digital identities and electronic foot-prints eventually need to be let go of? Does the Internet machine actually release them? Sooner than later perhaps, we need to take action, and induce a ritual to let them go. Is your online avatar still from 2009? Do we mourn parts of a “virtual” self-identity that has passed its time, outdated and lapsed? These animations below are investigations into the sentiment. Its time for you to make one too!

This project is seeking collaborative contributions from the Internet at large! Create a manipulated static or animated work of digital art from your outdated digital self (past/outdated avatar) and send it here as a spiritual offering to the metaphoric graveyard for outdated-virtual-avatars and Internet Identities! Im kicking off the project with my examples below.

(This project will make a great digital storytelling assignment, so please create a blog post about your experience!)

Your submission will be added to the growing body of deceased avatars on the NET-ART Website. Yes, this is an ongoing group exhibition!

Cool Mobile Apps for image manipulation:

Imaengine – Tons of filters, vector conversions, stills & video

Hyperspektiv – Tons of filters, stills and video

Glitche’ – – the ultimate, trust me.

Glitch Studio – tons of filters and animation options

ImgPlay – GIF & Video converting app (its a beast!)

–> E-mail submissions to – <–

Or send via Twitter to @ryanseslow


Ryan Seslow, 2019, Animated GIF


Ryan Seslow, 2019, Animated GIF


Anthony Wheeler, 2019, Animated GIF


Tim Owens, 2019, Digital Still Frame


Sarah Honeychurch, 2019, Animated GIF


Ronald_2008, 2019, Animated GIF


Kevin Hodgson, 2019, Digital Still Frame


Inés Vañó García, 2019, Animated GIF


Alan Levine, 2019, Animated GIF


Mariana Funes, 2019, Animated GIF


[WEEK #8] Time to move on..

Hello guys, I have created my domain. My domain is

I also have another domain, for my other class CT360, which is  For this domain,, I customized it a bit. I used images I found off this cool website called unsplash (thanks MBS). The images there are really nice. In my website, there will be funny gifs, memes and images that I come across while surfing the internet.