aRe mEmeS aRt?

Today I made a meme and it was really simple. I feel like I am an official artist now 🙂 You can Not take away my happiness! Memes are art!!

Memes are most definitely art with out a doubt because it is a way of expression with images. People are able to add words to an image and create a scene or a story. The meme I created today was a way  to illustrate how some black people act during black history month, well at least how I act for sure lol. During black history month I act like things should just go my way, I feel like anything is possible. I know it may seem like a drag to some but I don’t care, I am very proud to be who I am! A gorgeous black queen!! Thanks to my wonderful ancestors who paved the way for people like me I can become who I want and accomplish much more. Just like the one I created, most memes are very relatable. Take my favorite meme for example:

This is one of my favorite memes because this is the story of my life! I get called dramatic all the time because I really drag every situation, I need to work on it to be honest! I tend to make a simple situation a huge one by assuming the worst thing humanly possible and that makes the situation go from a calm conversation to a heated discussion or argument. I know that seems like a lot but  I am one hundred percent sure that other people can relate.

Here is another meme I created that illustrates how I feel about CT 101, I am so excited to learn how to get better at creating. I love learning how to do new things and even if I thought I knew how to do everything, there is always room for improvement!

Reacting to CT101 using NBA Gifs

Going into this semester I only took up CT101 because it is required for Journalism majors. And I usually lack interest in courses outside of the core Journalism courses.

So at first I was like:

As the class started and we began the discussion of getting to know each others favorite ice cream flavor, I was like:

However, once we got into what we should expect to experience throughout the course my mindset changed. When I heard we would build our own websites, create gifs and memes, I was like:

Now just two classes in I am ready to get this semester moving to see where CT101 takes me, and how it enhances my ability to create better content for my personal website.






CT101, the YORK College Cross Course Collab Part II

The Original Version of the Altered Portraits

CT101, the YORK College Cross Course Collab Part II

This fall semester the students at CUNY York College collaborated on the annual GIF the Portrait project.

CT101 is a digital storytelling course that fosters the understanding and application of digital tools while creating a digital identity on the Internet at large!

We knew the project would be a fine fit for the NET-Art open call for submissions via the CUNY academic commons.

This project will be live on the NET-ART website as of 12/12/18

CT101 has two sections this fall semester. Whilst learning some new blogging skills each student was asked to write an individual post about someone who inspires and motivates them. They were asked to share why and add contextual links for further clarification. (these can be found on the ct101 website) Using the portrait of that person selected we learned basic electronic image manipulation skills with adobe photoshop. Students also made some basic sequential motion graphics with those manipulated images. Then, they were asked to extract one single still-frame from their individual animations to contribute to the animations above. The result is a fast moving collaborative sequence of portraits. The portraits quickly morph and fragment into a series of animated iterations. Does the word ENERGy come to mind? We hope so (along with a little glitch aesthetic, we hope for that too). After the first animated collab was published, we began pushing the piece further by “examining the potentials of what else may happen?”

Students are now working on screen grabbing the consolidated GIFs and pushing them forward into “various otherness” using the mobile apps below.

Would you like to remix one? What is stopping you?!!

Stay tuned!

Glitche’ – camera –

Giphy Cam –

Instagram –


Assembly Design App –


Ultra-Pop -Infinite

GifVid (simple tool to covert GIF to Video, Video to GIF on the phone)
iColorama S rich featured image editor that maintains full resolution of images
Decim8 Glitch
ImgPlay – Awesome GIF maker!
Back Eraser – Great to remove background areas and make layers.
Imaengine – Tons of filters, vector conversions, stills & video
Hyperspektiv – Tons of filters, stills and video


The GIF the Portrait project is an open project promoted by the NET-ART website on the academic commons. Would you like to join in and submit? Lets chat!

Final Presentations & Final Blog Post Information

*CT101 Final Class Presentations & Final Blog Post Information*

**Please read all of the information below carefully & mark your calendars**

E-mail me with any questions at Ryan (at) or rseslow (at)

  1. **Final Website Presentations: Each student will be presenting their personal websites to the class on the date listed below. Students will give a short-guided tour of their website and share successes, frustrations and an over-all assessment of our course. Each student will have 5 minutes to do this. Your website presentation is Mandatory.

*The Tuesday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on TUESDAY 12/18 from 10AM-12PM

*The Thursday section of CT101 will give their final website presentations on THURSDAY 12/20 from 10AM -12PM

2.***Final Blog Post Submission – Each student will publish a Final Class Assessment blog post to their own website. You will E-Mail the link of this blog post to me ( ryan (at) or rseslow (at) ) no later than Thursday 12/20 at Midnight. Your final blog post is Mandatory and must be sent to me via the instructions above.

The final blog post will be a detailed re-cap of what you have learned in CT101, what grade have earned? (Yes, you must include this!) What you enjoyed about our class and how you will apply your new skills into the world. Will you maintain and keep up your website? If so, how? If not, Why not? Your post should include a culmination of images, videos, GIFs, hyperlinks and writing. Please let this post display the best of your skills sets learned and applied! (Images, GIFs, Hyperlinks and supporting Verbiage!)


E-mail me with any questions at Ryan (at) or rseslow (at)

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