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White castle is one of my favorite fast food restaurants. While watching the comedian, one of her most popular youtube videos were “Things Black Folks Say At Weddings”. This video is hilarious, the way she and the people around her makes the video even funnier. This gif was made from Gif Used , Also Lexi can be found on youtube and she has a lot of funny videos. Visit Lexi Television if anyone ever needs a laugh. Laughing and White Castle makes me happy.

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After reading James Agee’s “Comedy’s Greatest Era” I have to say I both agree and disagree with his statements. Let’s start with what I agree with; James mentions that comedians now in days tend to depend heavily on what they say more so than how they say it. Let me explain back in the 1900s […]

Love Rap Music, Tired Of Defending It

Here is a video from Chris Rock’s stand up comedy special Never Scared, and in the clip he speaks about the fact that he loves rap music but he is tired of defending it. He mentions songs like “Area Codes” “Move Trick” and the most well known song or the three “Get Low” by Lil […]

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