Blog Like Flaca Would


Flaca may be in prison for fraud and endangerment, but she’s got an opinion and she’s going to let you know it: how grades don’t matter, but words do, even your font choices.

She’s critical of stereotypes:


And how they cause angst.


And Flaca is fearless about taking risks with her big ideas.


Not everyone agrees with her, but she’s got a process and sticks to it. I think Flaca would be a great blogger as she would be:

  • thoughtful with her post titles,
  • giving her opinions,
  • backing them up with links,
  • proof reading her grammar and punctuation,
  • and embedding cool media that’s she’s made or found from elsewhere.

She knows the effort on the little things matters as well as just getting yourself out there.

Blog like Flaca would.

Is anyone going to go see the new Hobbit movie?

Im so psyched about the new Hobbit movie! The finale to the 3 part epic trilogy is upon us! I really liked the portrayal of Smaug voiced by the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch, and I know he will kick ass! I also wonder if they will use this movie to add in new scenes like they did with the last that was not int he book at all. Just a s a tease for Lord of the Rings. I wouldnt mind but this movie should be about Bilbo Baggins and Smaug not some foreshadowing great evil that everyone who saw the Lord of the rings trilogy knows about.
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Everything Wrong with the new Godzilla movie

The new Godzilla movie that came out this year was amazing! Godzille kicked ass with kick ass! But i did fine a few issues with the movie, first and foremost the one thing everyone was complaining about was that the setup took so long, and its like a three hour movie so thats pretty long. We all came to see Godzilla in action but throughtout the whole movie all we get are teases of Godzilla, and just follow a rigid marine around going from one dangerous mission to the next instead of going home to this family and trying to get them to safety. (Its true he spends more screen time with a random child than his own kid). But the finale was amazing, when Godzilla went up against both Mutos it seemed like they bested him.. then out of nowhere bluefire breath! how awesome is that? If only the whole movie had scenes like that instead of such a slow tease it would have been perfect!
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The Blacklist

The Blacklist came into our world and turned tv action drama on its head, the show is about a government agent Red Reddington (played by the very talented James Spader who betrayed his country and sold its secrets to the highest bidder. Now after 10 years he has returned, of course his on top of the most wanted list, but who does he come back to? none other than the FBI, and he tells them I will give you vital information if you work with me, then the massive government conspiracy begins, with so many backstabbing and tables being turned it will make yor head spin. The show knows how to use drama and action in spades pun intended. there is a reason Netflix brought the rights to stream the show on their own and payed the most money per episode. The hype is real you guys!
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Nikita (Tv Series)

Lets talk about Nikita, it follows a female agent by the same name eloping from her evil government after being brainwashed then single handedly taking it down in beauty and style. In a medium where there are few lead female roles and even fewer female actress who can do action movies and kick ass Nikita thrives! Nikita shows us the true meaning of feminism by going up against a block ops organization of the government and only using whatever small means she has to try to take them down. Its an army vs a girl and shes here to kick ass.
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