Blog Like Flaca Would

Flaca may be in prison for fraud and endangerment, but she’s got an opinion and she’s going to let you know it: how grades don’t matter, but words do, even your font choices. She’s critical of stereotypes: And how they cause angst.   And Flaca is fearless about taking risks with her big ideas. Not everyone agrees with… Continue reading Blog Like Flaca Would

The Blacklist

The Blacklist came into our world and turned tv action drama on its head, the show is about a government agent Red Reddington (played by the very talented James Spader who betrayed his country and sold its secrets to the highest bidder. Now after 10 years he has returned, of course his on top of… Continue reading The Blacklist

Nikita (Tv Series)

Lets talk about Nikita, it follows a female agent by the same name eloping from her evil government after being brainwashed then single handedly taking it down in beauty and style. In a medium where there are few lead female roles and even fewer female actress who can do action movies and kick ass Nikita… Continue reading Nikita (Tv Series)

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