Life Lessons from Demi Lovato!

Recently, I watched a documentary on Demi Lovato’s life story. I watched how she talked about how she overcame her challenges and how she got stronger and got back on her feet once again.

While listening to her story, I learned that when she had an opportunity come her way she took it.

She started singing from 5 years old and sang at every opportunity she got. Starting From house parties, the malls, street singing…pretty much she sang everywhere. Why? Because she was following her dreams with a passion. True dreams need to be caught; You must run after them.

on the other hand, at the same time, you got to take stuff one pebble at a time because, if you take it all at once, you will feel pressured and then it can collapse on you. Once you collapse it’s hard to go back up; it’s possible but takes lots of effort. In Demi’s story, she started everything so fast. She was booked from TV show to TV show and was expected to be a role model that she wasn’t ready to be, and at one point when she was 17,18 it all collapsed in front of her.

The lesson I learned from watching Demi’s documentary is to take life a step a time, cuz when you do, only then you can enjoy it and live your dreams with passion.

I recommend watching Demi’s documentary. It has lessons for everyone at any age to learn.

Check it out by clicking the link here.




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Last Sunday, my mother, my aunt, and I went on the March for babies walk. My original motivation for going was that I needed community service credit for the National Society of Leadership and Success, but I didn’t find anybody with them. We had walked from Broadway Ave. all the way to 42 St. All the while, we saw many other school groups and families there. Everyone who walked also got cheered on by one of the schools. After that, we walked around a restaurant/market partly owned by Mario Batali. We didn’t get to see him, though. Nevertheless, I had a great time there walking around. I was happy that my mom and my aunt had joined me on this walk, and I would happily go on another one.