I’m Movin On

Hey Guys,

It’s been real.

But, I’m moving on to something that is more me. I can’t say whether it will be better than this CT101 site, but I do know that I’m excited to go on the ride. I may post on this site from time to time [If I still remember my password :)]

I haven’t entirely decided what my blog will be about. I know it is not just going to be about one thing. As a journalism student, of course, I will be dedicating a portion of my website to journalism. However, the rest will be something that is out of character for me. (still deciding on what that will be)

Here is my first official post introducing my website. You can check out my websites and see more updates and blogposts at angeladegbesan.com

With that said,

Two Project Ideas I would Like to Work on

Of the various projects given, there is this particular one that interests me called the Daily Create. I like the fact that there is something new every day. The toast challenge is something I think I can do because its as easy as taking a photo of toast and putting words on them. One thing I would say I need to learn would be Photoshop to create the meme. But, thankfully, I got a good grasp of it in class and I think I could get the hang of it. The challenge for tomorrow is the Alphabet in typography shape. Seeing other people’s early responses to this one, I think it might be  a little bit difficult. However, I am willing to try it out.

I believe I can do a few of these projects this semester because since its a new prompt everyday, I’ll never be bored. I will also be free from the double-edged sword of creativity that leads me to overthinking what I have to do or create. I appreciate that the prompts varies from being as easy as toast to challenging as typography. It would be a nice project to work on.

The only tool I could think of would be using Photoshop, obviously and perhaps a little bit of Illustrator depending on the prompt.

One project that I have no idea how to do it but interested in learning is the mashups. I think it will definitely be difficult but I’m always amazed whenever I see a mashup that is done seamlessly.

One that I definitely want to try is the mashup of videos of clips or photos of my favorite TV character.

I have no idea how to do this mashup assignment. But, fortunately, someone posted a tutorial of how to do it on the website. So, I’m definitely going to try it out and keep you posted.

I believe these story telling skills are important because it is a form of expression. And since expression comes in different forms, this daily create challenge could help me channel my inner creative self to express myself in a delightful manner.


ArE mEmEs ArT?

Personally, I believe that memes are a form of art. Memes allow people to express their feelings and emotions. I usally use memes to explain most of my emotions whenever I cant explain it. Most of the time I randomly send memes to people because that is what is on top of my mind.

The oldest meme that I remember is this one..

This is when I used to watch WWE Wrestling. To understand this meme you have to watch WWE back in the days. Whenever the General Manager of Smackdown got tired of a wrestler, he would set up a match between that person and the Undertaker. The Undertaker is essentially a final boss level.

I use this meme whenever a person post something outrageous on the internet.


Some  memes that I made are these. I chose these two background images because they are my favorite. So this is basically a mixture of my favorite memes and CT related memes.

The classic spiderman meme cracks me up all the time.


I chose this courage the cowardly dog meme because I used to watch this show on a daily basis. I made this meme relevant to my class.