Welcome to SportsTakesWithTim

In our previous class we created our very own domain. As a journalist, I seen this as the perfect opportunity to have an outlet to post all of my opinions on top stories in sports. I plan on sprinkling in techniques we learn in CT101 to improve the overall reading experience of my posts. So expect a lot of hot takes and funny GIF’s to go along with them.

If you are interested make your way over  SportsTakesWithTim

Here is a preview of the first post.



Reacting to CT101 using NBA Gifs

Going into this semester I only took up CT101 because it is required for Journalism majors. And I usually lack interest in courses outside of the core Journalism courses.

So at first I was like:

As the class started and we began the discussion of getting to know each others favorite ice cream flavor, I was like:

However, once we got into what we should expect to experience throughout the course my mindset changed. When I heard we would build our own websites, create gifs and memes, I was like:

Now just two classes in I am ready to get this semester moving to see where CT101 takes me, and how it enhances my ability to create better content for my personal website.






New Domain Name

Having my first site with my own name ! How cool is that?

My website is probably just going to be more towards on life and just random things hope you enjoy.

excited homer simpson GIF

The experience was very easy and cool. I can’t believe people actually pay so much money just for doing this. I hope I get various opportunities out of this. I’ve many people have their own blog post and business website never thought I would be doing this today. I guess this is goodbye to this.

Meme Post 10/02/18

I created these two memes at home. I decided to base it off high school when you and your friends are ready to chill after class. I wanted to give that fun feeling to this meme. 

This one I made in class. I thought this would be funny because nobody likes HW on the first day either its for college or high school. The way Pauly face expression is expressed my mood for when I get assigned homework on the first day. 

These are memes I found off the internet that I like and wanted to share them. I find them hilarious and I hope you all too.