Meme Post 10/02/18

I created these two memes at home. I decided to base it off high school when you and your friends are ready to chill after class. I wanted to give that fun feeling to this meme. 

This one I made in class. I thought this would be funny because nobody likes HW on the first day either its for college or high school. The way Pauly face expression is expressed my mood for when I get assigned homework on the first day. 

These are memes I found off the internet that I like and wanted to share them. I find them hilarious and I hope you all too.

Are Memes Art? – Caitlin Toro

Memes are art in my opinion. I feel everyone express their art in different ways. In this meme you see this man being praised by the people below him. Which in the written part it express a moment when you let the kid stay up late making you the best aunt or uncle at the moment. I find this hilarious because it relates to a moment in my life when I slept over my aunts house we would stay up late and watch movies with popcorn.

People use real art to make memes as well. Which is pretty funny. We create this image into a short moment in our lives or just something humorous with a combination of some else’s art.

This meme is funny because it about our time. We just passed 2017 and when we have grandkids we can tell them the stories of how things use to be just like our parents did.


GIF portraits

Beyonce’s Twitter

The reason I pick this picture because its a mood for the weekend. I can’t wait to relax because this gif making wasn’t easy as I thought. There are various type of saving and transitioning. At the end of it was very exciting and fun realize that I finally did my first GIF. I excited to make more. I even though there were many steps it was all worth it at the end!!

Clones ?

Using the new panorama mode made things really fun. Even if we didn’t have much we just thought of scenarios that either be funny or just are normal to the day as it goes by.This was fun to play with.

Here I am just showing how I feel like soccer got popular after world the cup ended.

The way to use it is very easy:

Make sure you have an object or a person you want multiplied. Using your smartphone going to panorama mode. As you press the button to take the picture as you move . Stop at the middle to use your object or person to duplicate. Then you just keep taking the picture.

mars panorama GIF

My favorites are these because its so cool what can be captured:

Picture #1

Picture #2