For my final class post I am going to explain the plan for this short time off I am going to be working on some projects that I have assigned myself they are all works around the cartoon character MEGA MAN he was a character I always liked as a kid, and still do. The […]

Pope Julius aka “papa teribble”

For my Renaissance class i chose to speak about pope Julius ii, he was named the warrior pope, and was one of the greatest patrons of art he was responsible for the sistine chapel, as well as many of Raphael, Brammante, and other famous artist greatest works. My thesis was to highlight him as being […]

This is jam right now

I always been a fan of lamborghini so when I heard the track my boy YestirDay dropped I felt like dropping this post, and then I thought I should put my own ode to the almighty Lambo. I made this in illustrator in the summer.
Link to Lambo music video …

CT101 Digital Storytelling