This Is Najeebah’s Internet Happiness

Various things make me happy on the internet, such as funny videos, artistic works, memes, music, the beautiful scenery of nature and travel photos, etc. In this post, I choose to focus on two things out of the many things that make me happy on the internet. Fashion/STYLE Fashion is a form of self-expression which… Continue reading This Is Najeebah’s Internet Happiness

A new Drawing :D

My New Drawing I did of Human Kiwi. My weakness is coloring in but I tried my best and I think it came out pretty well. My only problem now is finding the right brush but I can’t find the solution to that problem currently so oh well~~

Mishy Mashy Of portraits and the edity magic and GIF magic ((ᵔᴥᵔ()

Here shows Sesshoumaru from the anime Inuyasha, Itachi from the anime Naruto, Lightening from the RPG game Final Fantasy 13, Jaejoong from the korean boy group JYJ. They are characters/people that I respect, look up to, and really like. I mashed up a lot of photos and tried my best to mash it up but…
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CT101 Digital Storytelling