GIF the Portrait!

Dear Students,

We love the individual blog posts that are being generated about the GIF the Portrait project! Please do not forget to E-MAIL to me your final GIFS from the exercise! Aside from the GIFs living on your blogs, we want to post them onto the collaborative tumblr.

Remember, Tumblr will only support files of 1MB, that is about 600 pixels or smaller. Please make sure your are sending me the right size. You can resize the GIFs in photoshop under “Image” in the main top menu. Go down to “image size” and make the adjustments there. Don’t forget to “Save for Web” as a GIF file!

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Thanks so much!

GIF the Portrait for Points!


Welcome to the GIF the Portrait Project!

CT101 students, so by now you love to make GIFs!! Well, then why not join in this fun collaborative project and rack up some digital storytelling points!

First, check out the project itself –

My section most likely recalls the demo I did with this Picasso image above, yes?
How did this project come about?
“I love to make GIFs and I wanted to create an online event that would allow for anyone in any part of the world to submit and participate.”
The images below are the result of two single images. Pablo Picasso and Kurt Schwitters are two of my favorite artists (Andy Warhol as well, but we will get back to him later) I wanted to use them as inspiration for a series of collage based works. These are the first few pieces from my experiments. Each piece is sized at 8.5 X 11. inches. The desire to create a series like this came from my interest in a series of works created by the students of artist and professor Javier Cambre. Cambre is a friend and one of my colleagues at CUNY QCC. I later re-designed my interpretation of the works to fit into a project for myself, as well as my students. I have been teaching 2D design at the college level for 10 years. It is a course that I love to teach. I also enjoy intuitively expanding the course content and the class projects. The course allows for students to learn manual and analog techniques, as well as basic graphic design skills. This gives us a lot of options as we focus on understanding the elements of art, and the principles of design. As you may know, the vastness of how this language can be applied is…..endless!  Hence why it also applies so well into our CT101 class.
So, Where do you begin?
Re-Organize a single Composition (Portrait Image)
In this project you will be re-organizing a representational image into a more subjective one or by creating a hybrid.  The image selected should be a portrait. (The image should also be a high enough resolution to re-copy and scale to larger or smaller sizes, but then again, if you wish to include texture as an aspect of the work, sky is the limit) You as the artist can decide what a portrait is. Is it a human? Is it an anime character? Is it your dog or cat? Hmmm. You will need at least 6-10 copies of your image to start with, you can make multiples by using a photo-copy machine or a printer. Or you can simply use adobe photoshop to copy, paste and layer variations of the image purely digitally.
Final output-
You will be re-creating 3-6 subjective variations of your portrait.
After manually or digitally generating 3-6 variations, pick your favorite image to GIF. But why stop there? After you create your first contrast, you may want to make more, and more, and more! (sinister music begins to play)
1.  Manipulate the existing image by cutting out several parts and pieces (this includes the individual facial features, head, back round, neck, & clothing areas) You may use your scissors or x-acto knife to cut out your forms, or you can use the lasso and crop tools in photoshop to save and create individual layers.
2.  Measure and create 3-6 blank picture planes to work on. I suggest keeping these between 6.5 x 9 inches and or a bit smaller. Either way, they will need to be resized for the web and minimized to about 3×5 inches and 72 dpi for tumblr (but you are not limited to these sizes for your own wordpress sites!) Yep, we will be archiving this project on Tumblr. If you are unsure of HOW to resize your work, don’t worry, We can troubleshoot that if necessary.
3.  Lay out the cut pieces or various windows in front of you. You will then re-organize and compose your pieces into 3-6 different compositions. All 3-6 of the final works should be subjective and or hybrid images. Or perhaps another  “such-ness or potential  is-ness” you may define that as well.
4.  Scan, photograph, and save your final outcomes.
5. Chose 2-3 of the outcomes that you like the most and animate them by generating a GIF(s). Save your GIF work for the web. Meaning, as a .gif file. If you need assistance on this again, shoot us an e-mail. We will help.
6. E-mail the analog still images and the GIF files to us by using the address on this blog.  Ryan (@), you can then write up a how-to tutorial as a blog post for our class!
 Check out the project on our tumblr  –

I’m A Shred Head

I was looking around  assignment bank, and I found this assignment. It’s a rock’n’roll assignment that make a GIF  of  your favorite performer. My favorite

I was looking around  assignment bank, and I found this assignment. It’s a rock’n’roll assignment that make a GIF  of  your favorite performer. My favorite guitarist is “Jeff Waters” I love how is riffs are fast and clean, and he’s from a band called “Annihilator”. I like his style of guitar, because it wild and unique. My favorite type of Metal music is thrash, speed and heavy. Here’s the GIF I made it’s from this Video.


I leave you off with one of my favorite songs from Annihilator





I was able to create a GIF with Garfield doing a happy dance. Garfield is one of my favorite cartoon characters. In many ways this may seem strange but, Garfield reminds me a lot of myself, that is his perspectives on a lot of things and even how he acts at times. So I decided to go onto YouTube and find an episode of the show that seemed appealing to just about any audience. After, some contemplating and cutting and editing, I was able to make a GIF with Garfield doing his happy dance.

I would say that creating GIFs is an interesting and creative way of representing expressions and emotions. Just make a GIF instead of having to use detailed lettering and words. Of course communication is important and essential but, GIFs are fun and people tend to respond to them in a more unique way. So, personally I say would next time you want to be creative and express yourself make a GIF and send it to someone.