Gif Portrait Project

     This was my first time creating my own original gif from a portrait. It was honestly hard for me to find a portrait to use. Distorting the picture was fun the hardest part was actually putting all the layers together and trying to make it into an actual gif. It took me like 3-4 times to get it. When I saved it the gif didn’t changed it was stuck on a single frame image. I had to do the whole layer process over and over about three times again but I eventually got the hang of it. I’ll surely remember how to make a gif with a breeze next time.

Things that make me happy?

Okay, here it goes…

lets start with the Hit television show  we all know as Friends.

Yes Friends make me happy. I can watch it day and night. I can watch it when I eat,sleep and even when I shower. OK, maybe i was kidding on the last two, but you get the idea 😀

The next thing that makes me happy is R5. They have been my favorite band since September 2012. (they have formed in the year 2009 by the way)

I love their silliness…

and how kindhearted they all are to each other and the people around them.

On June 10,2014 I have went to their concert in NYC and to be honest,it still makes me happy when I think about  it till this very day 🙂 That experience I will remember for a lifetime!

They have grown so much over the years and have taught me so much,but the best part that I get to say when it will be time to say goodbye would be that, I was glad to experience it all from the very beginning.