Favorite GIF musicians


So for this assignment i had to create GIF out of a music video from artist that’s my favorite, and i choose Cardi B. Anyways, how you go about making this is quite easy, all you have do is go on YouTube and select your favorite artist and go on giphy.com. Once your on the site you go to the top right hand corner and hit create, from there the site will guide you on how to upload your GIF .The page will ask the start time duration, next it’ll ask if you want to add a tag and so forth.  And, of course i made two i couldn’t help it.

One of the worst feelings when your trying to get some one to dance with you and their dancing with someone else, like am over here.



A Fearless Legend Among Many!


Recently in CT, we created animated portrait GIF again, but this time using multiple layer frames of the image with dramatic effects in the Adobe Photoshop, which consist the lasso tool that I used to cut out the glasses on Spike Lee’s face. The image I chose was Spike Lee because he is an iconic filmmaker, actor, and writer since the 80s. His films target social injustice and controversy towards race and violence in law enforcement, and the government in urban communities, that connect to our world today. He is the only black filmmaker I know that still holds the culture of urban life in his films rather it was good or bad. Even specific locations within the films formulate meanings, that some people might pass by when they are watching them. This class has given me the opportunity to introduce, people in the music/movie industry that matters to me in GIF form.

Trailer from “Do The Right Thing”



Gif Portrait Continued

Last week class we left off on creating GIF Portraits, today we did the same, but with more sophistication and depth so to speak. What I love about the whole process is that it allows me to tap into my so call creativity, and push my limits. I find the process very illuminating and fun all at once, and like I said in the beginning it gives me sole creative control, which ultimately leads me one step closer to achieving nothing but pure FREEDOM. On top of it I choose Cardi B because she has such an eccentric aura about her that I like and she owns it without regrets. Now that is what I call BOSS #B!TCH . Fearless and bold, not like today’s ZOMBIES who seek approval and follow the heard like sheep’s.

GIF portraits

Beyonce’s Twitter

The reason I pick this picture because its a mood for the weekend. I can’t wait to relax because this gif making wasn’t easy as I thought. There are various type of saving and transitioning. At the end of it was very exciting and fun realize that I finally did my first GIF. I excited to make more. I even though there were many steps it was all worth it at the end!!