Calendar Spring 2017

CT 101 Spring 2017 Calendar

If you have questions please consider leaving a comment with a question at the bottom of this page. We are happy to answer in the comments section. That way you and others can benefit from building the Q&A below. And remember to Blog Like Flaca Would.

Week 1 – 1/31 & 2/2 –  Class Introduction & Full Course Overview.

Week 2 – 2/7 & 2/9 – The WordPress interface, log-in, profile, navigation and publishing content!  My first GIF post and Making me happy post

Week 3 – 2/14 & 2/16 – Did you read Blog Like Flaca Would ? (if not, please do) – Create and embed a new Reaction GIF that speaks your feelings about our class and what the potentials are (yes, you can make more than 1!) Then, dig into this assignment, its chock full of useful information – Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.

Week 4 – 2/21 & 2/23 – Animated Graffiti – Basics of PS selections and cloning

Week 5 – 2/28 & 3/2 – In this week’s session we introduced the idea of doing a video edited based remix in the form of a supercut. This can be a big leap if you haven’t edited video or audio before, but you’ll need to try this at some point and remixes are a great path. Otherwise continue with the ds106 assignment repository or the daily create

Week 6 – 3/7 & 3/9 – Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress

Week 7 – 3/14 & 3/16 – So, the Tuesday 3/14 section was a SNOW DAY but we should continue with Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress this week – if you need the promotion code please e-mail me for it. Also, each student can write a new blog post where they discover and share (hyperlink) a series of “newbie” wordpress tutorials on customizing a new wordpress website. (lots of content out there)

Week 8 -3/21 & 3/23 –  Basic Operations of your Site – First- find links to send your new site info to me.(Important!) -Lets use the weekly check in form to report was has been done thus far! (especially if you are behind) –  Conversations about copyright. Read this post and find an article or post about a copyright issue of interest to you. Describe your understanding of the law and the case presented. And document this in a blog post.

Week 9 -3/28 & 3/30 – Important – I would like you to let me know what your new site URL is and give a couple other pieces of information as well. Use this form to let me know. Continue with customizing your site, bring questions to class on what may need troubleshooting. Then – Lets make some NET ART! Check out this tutorial and jump in!

Week 10 – 4/4 & 4/6 – Prof. Smith extended my Net Art Tutorial from last week with this cool video tutorial which shows the use of ( Newhive easily works for this too ) as well as a new way to make selections in Photoshop using a color range. He worked with a NYPL archive image of the Unisphere and made a couple of pieces. Continue reading – Also – Don’t forget to to catch up on Weekly Check-ins!

Week 11 – 4/11/ – 4/13 & 4/18 – SPRING BREAK!!! Take a Break! :))))  – Thursday 4/20 -follows a Monday Class schedule. See you next week! Feel free to continue to generate blog posts and catch up on things that need to be completed!

Week 12 – 4/25 & 4/27 – Its time for the  GIF the Portrait project !! <— Click the link and prepare for classroom awesomeness this week!

Week 13 – 5/2 & 5/4 – Focused Lab Time! The next two class times are dedicated to preparing for our individual final presentations that will take place during week 15. This is an important time, make sure you are in class as we will be covering many tips and tricks!

Week 14 – 5/9 & 5/11 – Focused Lab Time Continued – Final class sessions – Important ** You must submit your Final Days Blog Post no later than 5/19!

Week 15 – 5/16 & 5/18 – (Final Presentations!) Each student will present their completed website to the class. (This is mandatory for all students) You will give a tour and overview of your process and assert your experiences in CT101. You must also fill out the final submission form here -> Final Presentation Links Submission

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