Calendar Fall 2015

CT 101 Fall 2015 Calendar
If you have questions please consider leaving a comment with a question at the bottom of this page. Ryan or I will answer in the comments. That way you and others can benefit from building the Q&A below.

MBS 8/27, RMS 9/1
Two blogging assignments for the first week, Read this post for the first assignment, and for the second blog post read the syllabus and look at the description of digital storytelling assignment types. Pick something from the resources you find you can make or would like to make and post it in a second blog post. Also remember to consider good blogging practices described in the syllabus too! Make sure you post links to your work in the Weekly Check-in.

MBS 9/3, RMS 9/8
As a rite of passage, everyone in CT101 needs to learn how to make a GIF from a youtube video. The easiest way is to use Imgur. Read this post for instructions. Then create a GIF, and embed in a blog post. Be sure to give some thinking about your choice.

For a second assignment, you need to complete one digital storytelling assignment from the DS106 Animated GIF repository. Embed your work and blog about it. OR complete at least two daily creates and blog about them in a post. Make sure you post links to your work in the Weekly Check-in.

Conversations about copyright. Read this post and find an article or post about a copyright issue of interest to you. Describe your understanding of the law and the case presented. And document this in a blog post. Also continue to research the ds106 assignment repository or the daily create for inspiration as you continue to work on digital storytelling assignments. Make sure you post links to your work in the Weekly Check-in.

MBS 9/24, RMS 9/29
In this week’s session we introduced the idea of doing a video edited based remix in the form of a supercut. This can be a big leap if you haven’t edited video or audio before, but you’ll need to try this at some point and remixes are a great path. Otherwise continue with the ds106 assignment repository or the daily createMake sure you post links to your work in the Weekly Check-in.

MBS 10/1, RMS 10/6 Read this post about getting ready to pick a domain name for your site and what kinds of project approaches you might take. Also there’s mention of the opportunity to research “A Domain of One’s Own,” for reading response. Finally I made a tutorial for making a rotoscoped drawing GIF.

MBS 10/8, RMS 10/13 Week Six – Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress, and Customizing WP – title and tagline, themes, plugins, and widgets. Plus a bunch more!

MBS 10/15, RMS 10/20 Now that you’ve started work on your site, please fill out this form so that we can feed it (or not) to

MBS 10/22, RMS 10/27 The group assignment for next week is based on this foley post from last semester.

MBS 10/29, RMS 11/3 And on the RMS front here’s a post about his class working on a GIF the Portrait project.

MBS 11/5, RMS 11/10 As a continuation of last week’s fun group foley assignment, consider diving into the audio assignment repository and look at this old post of mine about getting started with editing in Audacity. Also if you’re interested in doing a radio show for DS106 read this post and leave a comment.

MBS 11/12,  RMS 11/17

MBS 11/19, RMS 11/24

RMS 12/1, MBS 12/3

RMS 12/8, MBS 12/10 Final Days

FINALS RMS 12/15, 12/17 Final Presentation Links Submission