Calendar Spring 2018

Spring 2018

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Week 1 – Tuesday -1/31  &  Thursday – 2/1 –  Class Introductions & Full Course Overview.

Welcome to CT101!

Read this – Making me happy post

If you have questions please consider leaving a comment with a question at the bottom of this page. We are happy to answer in the comments section. That way you and others can benefit from building the Q&A below. And remember to Blog Like Flaca Would.

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Week 2 – Tues – 2/6 & Thurs – 2/8 – Logging into our class blog and getting familiar with the wordpress interface – Lets post our first assignment – Making me happy post as well as making our first GIF! My first GIF post

Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to explore and create with! Sign up for both, its free! This week, outside of class please create a NEW blog post and embed a new Reaction GIF that speaks your feelings about our class and what the potentials are (yes, you can make more than 1!).


Week 3 – Tues – 2/13  &  Thurs – 2/15 Lets take a look at some of those Reaction GIFs that you made! Students will share their highlights from this first experience.

Lets dig into this assignment, its chock full of useful information – Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.

And, here is another assignment to get your creative juices flowing! Are Memes Art? What do you think? Will you respond by making a Meme to share you feelings??


Week #4 – Tues – 2/20( CUNY follows a Monday class Schedule) & Thurs – 2/22 –

***Note – The Tuesday section is Responsible for publishing and completing the assignment below even though we do not meet in class this week.

Did you read through post last week? OK< you were too busy making Memes, so lets dig into it this week! There is a ton of great information here, what will you select and why?  – Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.

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